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Anker SoundCore 2 – Easy handling, Cheap, but willing, and More

Anker SoundCore 2 – Easy handling, Cheap, but willing, and More

Anker SoundCore 2: What good is the 50 Euro BT insider tip?

Anker SoundCore 2 –

There is a lot of buzz around a small Chinese loudspeaker on Amazon and forums: Like its predecessor, the Anker SoundCore 2 is an absolute bestseller. As a result of the buying frenzy, it is even better for many satisfied bargain hunters than Bose and Co. for a fraction of the price. The anchor’s success was to expect. Some time ago, I listened to the “original anchor,” and some other China hits that many forum writers hyped. For the no-names, my judgment back then in terms of sound and craft was almost entirely devastating. Only the anchor sold in Germany by the online retailer Amazon was a surprise.

Although we are branded goods and the Bose Soundlink Mini II is not too expensive for hi-fi uncles like us, at around 200 euros, we had to pay respect to the anchor across the board. It did not come close to the conceptually very similar Bose (as some claim out of sheer joy about the good catch). But it sounded far better than the 40 euros that Amazon called for this bestseller at the time.

So the brand is not a blank slate for me, and Anker has now sent us the whole new collection of Sound Core 2, Sound Core Boost, and Sound Core Pro for testing. For Low Beats, the Anker Sound Core 2 seems to me to be the most interesting for a detailed individual test because, as a quality-focused Hi-Fi tester who doesn’t flinch at high prices for loudspeakers, or amplifiers, one is amazed at what Anker is offering for 50 euros.

Anker Sound Core 2: Cheap, but willing

The positive impression starts with the packaging, which is very small but exudes a certain quality. Inside, apart from the Sound Core 2, there is only a USB charging cable and the papers – a user manual and a friendly invitation to share your impressions with the company via email.

I skip this detour and write a few lines that are sure to make your eyes light on the other side of the world: I have hardly anything to criticize about this Bluetooth speaker. And it would continue that way if it were twice as expensive. The device, which weighs 360 grams, has a solid front grille, behind which the three drivers are hidden, and is otherwise seamlessly wrapped in an elastic plastic that also encloses the large keys. That means that the Anker Sound Core 2 protects against water and dirt. Accordingly, it meets the specifications of the IPX5 standard.

You can also try these premium speakers from JBL. Apart from providing you with the best sound quality, the JBL sound system is sleek and stylish pieces that are snazzy to look at. The light effects make it all the more attractive.

Easy handling

Although the buttons are integrated into the surface and not highlighted by color, you can see them much better in the gloom than, for example, with the B&W T7 Wireless, which is due to the size, the unmistakable design, and the summary of all operating organs including the power button on the top lies. The two sockets for the USB charging cable and the 3.5 mm micro jack for analog audio connections optimally protect under a tightly closing flap on the right-hand side. It is so tight that it is not easy to open it with its little tab.

Pairing with the mobile phone via Bluetooth 4.2 is quick and easy. While numerous expensive Bluetooth speakers did not synchronize the volume with the cell phone, the Anker SoundCore 2 works perfectly.

It may be that there isn’t as much to say about a 50-euro no-name loudspeaker as there is about the expensive devices from traditional brands. Still, the listening test was not – as you might expect as an audiophile considering the price – to be torture. Instead, the anchor showed certain qualities that you can’t even get for a hundred dollars for granted.

First of all, the little black briquette sounds amazingly coherent and balanced. Even the bass does not have to hide behind much more expensive Bluetooth boxes. Although it did not get quite as deep as the original from Bose. It always remained cleanly contoured for this weight class.

SoundCore Boost

Heights were also not missed, and the achievable level was also convincing. The only thing where more expensive branded devices can go a long way was the slightly artificial voice reproduction. Which is somewhat reminiscent of old portable radios. But if you have even higher demands here. You will have to dig a lot deeper into your pocket at Anker and buy the SoundCore Boost. Which I recently heard a lot. At JBL, he has to invest significantly more for something comparable and take the Flip 4. Which is almost three times as expensive. From the point of vision of a tester who usually deals with loudspeakers. Such as the recently tested Burmester BA 31 busy. It is almost a miracle that a wireless box for the price. Of a cheap pair of tuning spikes works flawlessly and can hear without earmuffs.

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