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Would you like to write for us about health, technology or the environment? Hence, the Web Science is a news site/blog that discusses the latest announcements in health, technology, and science. Hence, We are constantly working hard to publish the latest news and research findings, but to ensure that our site has the latest articles, we want you to contribute.

What is the Web Science?

Web ScienceThe study of the most complex piece of technology ever created is known as web science. The web consists of billions of technical and human elements working worldwide, each piece slightly influencing the other. Numerous expert viewpoints across scientific disciplines are essential to understanding how the web changes society just as society variates the web.

What is Marketing?

Marketing (4)We can describe marketing as the action taken by a company or a business unit to attract people towards the company’s products or services. It also aims to provide different values for prospects and customers with the help of content. Its main aim is to establish a long-term objective of representing product value, creating strong brand loyalty and eventually raising sales.

How to Submit You Article?

Please send your Article through email or your post as a Word document with images embedded to:

Guidelines for Write For Us

We only publish unique posts from guest authors. You can mail or mail us a publication once per calendar quarter. We will publish one article per guest blogger per calendar year.

Pitches for Write For Us

Be concise and to the point: who you are; what story do you want to tell; because it’s important; and why are you the one to say it. Please indicate if your work is urgent.

Acceptance of a suggestion does not guarantee that the completed publication will be accepted. That means we are intrigued by your idea, it fits into our blog and we think you can write a post just like you promised. Once we have looked at your complete section we will determine whether to run it or not.

Publication  for Write For Us

Word Count: 500-1000

General: broad, with scientific knowledge; Describe the jargon but not the basics.

Style: Conversation in tone, not academic.

Images: All posts must be accompanied by 1 to 4 images with appropriate captions and also attributions. Make sure you have permission to use the images you provide.

Fact-checking and Reference: We don’t check blog posts very carefully, but our editors may ask you to provide source material if they have questions. Don’t add excerpts to your posts. Please link to relevant unpaid sources in the body of your text, especially when making scientific claims.

Editing – When we accept your post, our blog editor will review it and also make editing suggestions. You will have the opportunity to make necessary changes before your post is published.

Publication: If your publication is urgent, we will plan a publication date with you. If your publication is general in nature, we reserve the right to keep it for up to 90 days to fill in the gaps in our Editorial Calendar.

Our Interests:

  • Detailed coverage of scientific discoveries, news, topics or people.
  • Your research in the context of the public interest, behind the scenes in the laboratory or in the field.
  • Reviews of books, films, podcasts, and other media related to science
  • Interviews with Scientists, Science Communicators, and Authors
  • Coverage of scientific conferences, events.
  • Essays, opinion articles, or instructions on scientific communication
  • Sciart – discussion, review, publication in graphic format

That’s not in our interest:

  • “Listicles” and clickbait stories
  • Promotion of products, companies or services
  • Controversial opinion editor.

If you are interested in sending us the articles you can contact us at

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