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Blockchain Write for Us

blockchain write for us

A blockchain is a distributed ledger with many growing blocks securely over cryptographic hashes. Each block contains cryptographic hashes of the backward blocks, timestamps, and transaction data. It is also represented as a Merkle tree.

We can see many hackers can even hack our stored data, but there is a system from which it is impossible to hack our data, and it will be safe. This system is blockchain. It was first discovered in the 1990s but implemented in 2009 by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto, then only cryptocurrency came.

We have one block containing data to understand easily, so many partnerships with individual data form a blockchain chain. So the first thing stored in this block is relevant information, the second thing stored is hash, a code for identity, and the next thing stored is the previous hash, i.e., the same data revolve in all the blockchain.

The first block generated is called the genesis block, so through this system, we can track the history of the block and store it uniquely; by this, all the data is safe. However, it has many layers of security present in it. If we try to change data in one block so the hash code changes, and if this hash code changes, all the data of the same hash code will become invalid. Another thing in this is the consensus rule.

This rule is for having changes of data in a block. To change the data in a block, we need time to change first in our partnership, then circular in all the networks, and if we have majority votes for the changes, then only our changes are done; otherwise, it will reject. This technology secures our data and transfers this data cannot be changed easily. Our trade and tracking help in the development of GTE.

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