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Cobb Vanth – New Character, From Slave to the Sheriff, and More

Cobb Vanth – New Character, From Slave to the Sheriff, and More

Who is Cobb Vanth, the new character in The Mandalorian?

Cobb Vanth –

Have you been surprised by the honoured Marshal of Mos Pelgo in The Mandalorian  season 2 episode 1? If you have not read the series of books Consequences, expect that you are lost. The appearance of this character drinks from the same source that served to shape The Rise of Skywalker.


  • Why is The Mandalorian season 2 episodes so important?
  • This object contains minor spoilers for Episode 1 of Season 2 of The Mandalorian series.

Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) is one of the great discoveries of season 2 of the Disney series The Mandalorian, but he is not a new character within Star Wars. However, Cobb Vanth appears in The Mandalorian with a slightly different origin.

The surface is essentially the same character born in one of the most popular trilogies written within the Star Wars canon, Star Wars Aftermath, three novels. Aftermath, Life Debt, and The End of the Empire ) who, like The Mandalorian, they narrate what happens after the second Death Star has smashed.

(Have you noticed how Vanth makes that nuance when describing to Din Djarin what has occurred in Mos Pelgo?). And after the (alleged) death of Palpatine. (It is the same saga in which ancient Sith artifacts that contain information about Palpatine’s plans and whereabouts appear scattered throughout the galaxy for the first time). And in both cases, the character demonstrates what happened when the Empire fell. And when Jabba the Hutt died, which has a lot to do with what happens but main well explained.

In the series, Vanth appears celebrating the fall of the Empire in Mos Pelgo. He has a mysterious scar on his left temple (let’s see if it will have the exact origin as in the novels). But he is fleetingly happy until the Colectivo Minero arrived. “Power detests emptiness, and Mos Pelgo became a slave camp.” He tells Din Djarin as they head towards the lands of the desert dwellers. The fact is that he manages to escape and take everything he can from the new invaders. He then meets the Jawas and exchanges what he had stolen from the Mining Collective. In favor of a Mandalorian Oskar armor with remnants of what appears to be Sarlacc bile that could have belonged to a certain Boba Fett. The fact is that he returns to the town and takes care of the Mining Collective, and becomes the Marshal.

From slave to the sheriff

Cobb Vanth lived on the arid region planet of Tatooine all his life and was once a slave. With a star-shaped mark carved into his back as a sign of ownership. But eventually became a free man and became the town sheriff. Mos Pelgo. The death of Jabba the Hutt and the end of the Galactic Empire’s occupation of Tatooine in 4 BBY led to a power struggle on the planet.

The Red Key Raiders, a Weequay-led crime syndicate: Lorgan Movellan,  operated under the guise of a legitimate mining company. And they began to settle on the planet.

Precious jewels

While little know about his origins, Cobb Vanth once a slave who had star-shaped scar tissue carved into his back as a sign of ownership. By the Battle of Endor, Vanth managed to break free, graduating as a lawyer from Freetown. Following the aftermath of Jabba the Hutt’s death, Vanth encountered Adwin Charu, the official representative of the Red Key mining company, not knowing where Vanth came from. A company that represented the criminal syndicate and the bandits of the same name.

They both wanted the chest containing the Mandalorian armor recovered by the Jawas. Charu sent by Lorgan Movellan, Weequay leader of the Red Key, to acquire the treasure. Vanth recognized Charu as a man from another planet and ignorant of customs. And also offered himself as his representative towards his dealings with the Jawas. When Charu asked the price for his services, Vanth replied that he content with simple hospitality.

Tell them this territory is under the protection

Then, Adwin threatened him, pulling his blaster from under the robe. Quickly, Cobb snatched the blaster from him and shot the criminal in the shoulder. Edwin consequently called him a monster, and Cobb replied that he knew Charu worked for a crime lord. He added that he would bring law enforcement to Tatooine and not tolerate criminal elements, such as bandits from the Red Key union.

When Edwin begged for mercy, Cobb told him that he had a chance to rethink his life, so he could tell his boss to get away from Tatooine and the Arkanis sector. The sheriff of the Free City of Tatooine was born.

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