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The Ultimate Tips to Increase The Conversion of your Website 

The Ultimate Tips to Increase The Conversion of your Website 

These last ten years, Search Engine Optimisation and Advertising have become more and more important: every entrepreneur wants to be on top of Google searches to attract more customers on his website and challenge the competition. However, from creating a website to optimising it, it is not always easy to find your way around. You can easily get lost in the internet jungle and disappear in the meanders of search engines. Also, you can try as hard as you like to get visitors to click on your site, if they do not convert, it will not help you at all. You really want to know which websites score well in terms of conversion and what you can do to improve this? Then read on.

Which websites convert well

When it comes to conversion, online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or score well. Both web shops have a simple and accessible design yet, look professional, and are user-friendly in a way that organically leads the potential buyer from product to check-out. Another kind of websites that perform well in terms of conversion is online blackjack and casino websites. With this particular group of websites, we can see that visitors are addressed by virtual croupiers, receive personalised offers and are enticed with flashy call-to-actions to place a bet. But you don’t have to be a multimillion-dollar company to improve your conversion rates. The following four tips can go a long way.

Have a well-functioning website

If your website is slow to load, you’re already losing a large number of visitors. Most people will click away quickly if it takes more than one second to load. So make sure you limit the use of large files on your website to a minimum. A responsive website is also important: ensure an optimal user experience, regardless of which browser or device your visitor is using.

Provide a logical and easy navigation structure

Keep the navigation of your website clear. This starts with a menu that is as concise as possible. You also need to make sure your potential customer has to click as little as possible to get to the final conversion. Determine which path you want your website visitors to take and make sure you design your site in such a way that your visitors will subconsciously follow this path.

Pay attention to your call-to-actions

Most visitors do not look beyond the part of the webpage that is directly visible. So, make sure your CTA is located here and that visitors don’t have to scroll further to find it. Provide a button text that activates visitors to take action. You can achieve this by using verbs and writing in the first person. Of course, the look of your call-to-action button is important too. One of the best options is to give it a colour that contrasts with the other colours of your website to make sure it stands out.

Make your content well-organised

Not many people want to read a large piece of dry text. So, make it easy for your visitors by structuring your text in headings, paragraphs, and bullet points. In addition, add relevant images. This way you make texts scannable. So your customers can find what they are looking for faster and you make your content livelier. So you keep the attention of your visitors longer. Do you notice that your website doesn’t always convert as well as you’d like and have you not yet fully integrated the above four points. Then it’s high time to optimise your website? Hopefully, this article will give you a good steppingstone.

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