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Display Battery % on iPhone 11 – Recharging, Battery Settings, and More

Display Battery % on iPhone 11 – Recharging, Battery Settings, and More

Display Battery % on iPhone 11 –

Nothing is surprising. New iPhone and iPad technologies benefit from unparalleled performance. The only downside with this mobile device is that it does not have a battery indicator on its screen. For those new to tech, finding battery life seems like a real obstacle course.

Find out the battery % in the control centre

Display Battery % on iPhone 11 –

Suppose the iPhone battery percentage quickly displayed for older models of the Apple brand and  Android phones. In that case, this is no longer the case for recent Apple iPhones such as iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone 12. That is no longer in the status bar.

For many users, this seems to be annoying. To check your phone’s remain battery, the first solution is to go to the control centre. It could not be easier. You have to swipe down while holding down the top right button on the edge of your screen. In this way, the battery icon is displayed directly on the phone’s LCD screen. That allows you to identify the remaining charge. It is an excellent indicator of battery percentages level.

Attach the Battery Widget to the lock screen

To display the charge percentage level, you need to set up the Widget in the lock screen. Note that this technology is a dedicated app, especially for a phone with an iOS system. Its function is to display a lot of information on the screen. Access to this is a breeze. To do this, drag the wallpaper manually to the right. As soon as done, you have at your disposal all the existing Widgets, including the battery level. You can see many icons there, which will surely be of great use to you.

In all cases, you need to add and activate the battery widget to display the battery level.

Recharge the phone

Display Battery % on iPhone 11 –

To find out the leftover percentage of your iPhone’s battery, a practical solution is to recharge it. To do this, nothing simpler. It would help if you plugged the phone charger into an electrical outlet. Then, immediately, the battery charge level appears in the taskbar. Also, you can see the remaining time of the recharge. Apart from that, to know the state of charge, you can use a power bank that will serve as a battery charger or an induction charger.

Tip: to avoid damaging your battery, it is advisable to recharge it in aeroplane mode. 

How do I know if my phone battery is dead? A notification is sent to you in case of a low battery so that you can recharge the battery in real-time. The displayed percentage lets you know the remaining time.


If these methods don’t appeal to you, you can see the battery percentage using the SIRI app, Apple’s voice control.

Its primary mission is to fulfil all your requests for your phone. This intelligent app can send messages to you. In this way, you can request the remaining percentage of the battery. Directly, SIRI sends you a response indicating the status of the latter as a percentage. To hear this better, you advised using your pair of headphones.

In other cases, this application allows you to send notifications indicating the.

Go to the battery settings

The information in your battery can display in the available camera settings. The general condition of the battery sees directly. The screen displays a level of remaining battery life.

You may also spot some power-hungry apps. Knowing these allows you to save battery. To achieve good energy savings, you have to turn off apps that consume a lot of power and that you don’t use regularly. You can also activate the energy-saving mode. Namely, you can check the number of charge cycles you have recently completed. It can affect specific parameters like screen brightness, for example.

One of the most practical solutions to indicate the percentage of the battery is to use your Apple Watch. On its screen, this technology can display a charge indicator as well as the remaining battery capacity.

Test my battery for more assurance

Unlike Android smartphones, iPhones, it is possible to test the battery life. To know the battery capacity, you need to opt for a tester. Note that many testers, in the form of apps, are on the web. These are to be recovered by downloads on a laptop or iPhone. Also, they can be sent from one phone to another by Bluetooth. It is likely that, in some cases, these apps can cause a bug. It is essential to initialize or restart the device.

Note that some information such as voltage and battery voltage access in the battery settings section.

Display Battery % on iPhone 11 –

In Action Center, the operating system may send you a message if the battery needs to replace. Yes, in prominent cases, you will need to replace the battery. Note that this kind of mobile has an external battery, which sometimes makes tasks difficult. Changing the battery must therefore be carried out with care. In this way, the replacement of the battery must be done by a professional in the field.


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