Final Fantasy VII Remake Updates The End Date of its Temporary Exclusivity On PS4

FF7 Remake End Date –

Since the  Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement a few years ago, there talk at length about its exclusivity on PS4 and the possibilities of being released for Xbox One. While it is true that the Final Fantasy franchise is more related to systems Playstation, to this day. There is hardly any reason to think that the Final Fantasy VII remake will not reach Xbox One. Especially after Final Fantasy XV or the announcement of a large number of titles in the saga to Xbox Game Pass.

For months we have been informing you every time a store listed the Xbox One version of Final Fantasy VII Remake, including the leak of the Xbox Germany division itself. Finally, the game’s cover revealed and confirmed that it would have a temporary exclusive on Playstation 4, precisely one year, from March 2020 to March 2021. However, the game delays its launch, going to launch on April 10.

Due to this delay, the temporary exclusivity period adapts to maintain the year. It will now end on April 10, 2021, when the game will release on other systems such as PC and presumably Xbox One. It is even possible that we see a version for Xbox Series X, although it is already assuming too much. You can find this information on the Final Fantasy website itself by accessing this link.

Final Fantasy VII is, for many, the best game in the franchise, and the truth is that the remake is raising a lot of expectations, so it would be great if we could enjoy it on our Xbox One. We will have to wait until the temporary exclusivity is about to run out to see what other systems will go on sale.


A few days by the launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which we will have with us on April 10, it is time to catch up with everything that prepares for us: the long road to making the project a reality, the expanded universe of FFVII, the new combat system, the redesign of characters and locations and all the material shared by Square Enix so far.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Nomura himself stopped several significant changes

Through an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura spoke about the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Specifically about many changes that he had to stop during the video game’s production. As he says in the talk, “the plan for FFVII Remake decide from the beginning, so there were no disputes. But from person to person, there were different ways of thinking, making me a plugin in many cases. As unexpected changes arose. in the second half of the game. ”

These statements are different from the words of a producer who spoke before the launch of the video game. And also, saying that he wished to make drastic changes in the original story. And also we can deduce that Nomura was the one who showed a more conservative position. However, we have no information from subsequent deliveries, which perhaps do undergo significant changes.

Square Enix will not advance the launch date of the digital version

There are already many people who enjoy Final Fantasy VII Remake on their PS4. On the occasion of the health crisis, Square Enix, aware that everyone confined at home. They decided to distribute its new and also, long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake days before the official launch date.

Thus, users who have chosen to purchase the digital version of the PlayStation 4 will have to wait until next Friday. The 10th, to get once again at the controls of Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and company.