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Garmin Forerunner 645 Music – Summary, and Timepiece

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music – Summary, and Timepiece

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Garmin’s significant stake for 2018 is the Forerunner 645 and its Music story. The latter is the first watch from the brand to offer the possibility of playing Music without depending on an external device. The most important new feature presented by the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is unique to the brand. Other manufacturers have already done rather similar in the past, starting with TomTom and rolling with many others.

But as always, it is one thing to offer hold for music playback and a new to implement it and the additional possibilities it provides, which in the case of FR645M include support for some streaming platform.

Music can be the only feature that sets the 645 apart from the rest of the range, but it’s certainly not the only thing Garmin has added to its new GPS in a row watching. It gets many other sorts from range brothers, such as making wireless payments, new sports profiles (including swimming), new metrics, and more.

I’ve had the FR645 Music on top of my wrist pro for quite a few weeks now, so I know exactly what it has to offer. The unit I’ve been taxing has been on loan from Garmin, but once it’s completed and published, it sends back, and when I need it, I buy my watches myself from Amazon. What do I mean by this? That there is no product fee for these tests.

Remember, if you want to bear the site, you can do it by buying through the links you will find in this test (either your new Garmin Forerunner 645 or a diamond ring). That is the only way to finance and pay part of all the work I do here. Don’t forget that this works thanks exclusively to you and your trust.

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Finally, Garmin has a watch with integrated music playback, an essential new feature in the Forerunner range, which also takes advantage of many of the new features we have already seen in the Fenix 5 and Forerunner 935.

Garmin Forerunner 645 melody, the timepiece

The aesthetics of the Garmin indication 645 are reminiscent of the Vivoactive 3, but with one substantial difference: the presence of the five control buttons dispensing with the touch screen. I value this, as I find it a snugger to control the watch through the buttons, especially if I’m training. Perhaps the most brilliant option is what Suunto did by offering both solutions, but that’s another matter.

As in all Garmin, the button’s function is different if you press it or leave it depressed, such as accessing the main menu or music playback (if you have FR645 Music).

A small size doesn’t denote that the screen area has reduce. It’s 1.2″ with 240×240 pixels, the matching as on the FR935 or Fenix 5. It’s not Suunto’s giant screen, but it’s very reasonable for the watch’s size. And a cry of the screen, the truth is that it has an advanced clarity than the Forerunner 935 as if the LCD screen were earlier to the goblet than on the summit model.

It shares a strap with the Vivoactive 3. Both in size (20mm) and in the system to quickly remove and put the belt. In other words, the Forerunner 645 inherits countless characteristics from its older brothers, although, in some aspects. It does not achieve the same possibilities. These are the main differences concerning FR935 and Fenix 5 (or 5S. Which is the most similar model in terms of size):

Therefore, from a pure trait perspective and thinking. It offers the same performance as the superior models as a watch focused on race.

Garmin app store

The display for the clock is also customizable. From the clock, we can arrange both the design and layout of some elements. Even if you go to the Garmin app store again. You will download different dial options as if they were an intelligent clock.

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