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Fortnitemares 2020: Midas Revenge Weapons, Items, Cosmetics, Challenges, and More

Fortnitemares 2020: Midas Revenge Weapons, Items, Cosmetics, Challenges, and More

What’s new in the iteration of Fortnitemares this year?

Fortnitemares 2020 –

It is the scariest time of the year for those celebrating Halloween. Since its release, Epic Games has graced the spooky vacation of Fortnite: Battle Royale for the past three years since its release. Every year, the developers modification the map for its annual Fortnitemares event. We’ve seen pumpkin rocket launchers, Halloween-style decorations, scares, and a host of new challenges for players to complete earlier. Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 takes the honor of presenting Fortnitemares this season.

This year’s theme – Revenge of Midas – refers to the main boss featured in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2. It’s, without a hesitation, one of the most entertaining weeks to experience Fortnite. Let’s take an aspect at what’s new in Fortnitemares this season.


Before getting to the heart of the matter, we need to acknowledge Epic’s decision to skip the Charge shotgun. After making its debut in Chapter 2 – Season 3, the Loaded Shotgun received a regularly negative response. It was indeed an alteration of pace from the Tac and Pump shotguns, which he replaced. The loadout is no more extended patch v14.40, leaving only the pump and the recently reintroduced Combat Rifle into the mix.


Midas has repaid as Shadow Midas to haunt his old playground at the Agency / Authority for a limited time only. He now glows purple and wears his Mythic Drum Gun again. Players will take on a challenge after defeating Midas. Refer to the latest Fortnite blog post for the storyline behind Fortnitemares 2020.

“Shadow Midas and his awakened henchmen have reclaimed what was once the Agency. During Fortnitemares, you will follow their ghost tracks and haunt your opponents on the island.

After being eliminated solo, in pairs, or squads, return to combat as a shadow for your shot at a Nitemare Royale. Join other Shadows to defeat the Survivors using your supernatural abilities, such as owning the Body of Vehicles”.


Witch’s brooms are one of the essential items added in Fortnitemares 2020. Players can find barrels similar to fishing rod barrels in several places on the map. Witch’s Brooms work the same as the Silver Surfer’s Board, launching players into the sky and then allowing them to glide across the broom. They have a 20-second cooldown. Players can cancel the sliding animation and will not take any fall damage.

Pumpkin rocket launchers are back in addition to the Fiend Hunter crossbow. Some new consumables are offered in the game, including mints, gums, corn candies, and more. Each will mimic the same abilities offered with Fortnite’s latest batch of floppy disks, namely heat vision, low gravity, and fast movement. It’s also worth noticing that She-Hulk’s Mythic Ability is now available in all public game modes.


Only three challenges are existing in the game as of the release of the new patch. They are relatively straightforward, and more will be released over the next few weeks. Here are the tasks as they stand today.

  • Become a shadow
  • Ride 100 meters on a witch’s broom
  • Eat some candies

Each completed challenge will earn players in-game items, including emotes, wraps, pickaxes, and more! Refer to the image under for a taste of what’s up for grabs.


Four-time, Latin Grammy Award winner will link Party Royale on Halloween night at 9 a.m. ET.

“Reggaeton Global Ambassador celebrity and four-time Latin GRAMMYⓇ winner J Balvin arises to Party Royale with the Afterlife Party, a unique Latin culture and hip-hop performance are featuring the debut of his brand new song ft. Sech! The party begins at the main stage of Party Royale on October 31 at 9 a.m. ET (6 a.m. PT). ”

Those who attend the Afterlife Party will gain another style in the newly released Party Trooper outfit.

That covers all of the new additions in Fortnitemares 2020: Revenge of Midas. This event will last till November 2, so complete these challenges while you can! Make sure to head into Fortnite: Battle Royale and experience all of these changes for yourself.

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