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Games like Diablo 3 – Path of Exile, Titan quest, and More

Games like Diablo 3 – Path of Exile, Titan quest, and More

Top 15 games like Diablo 3 that will surprise you

Games like Diablo 3 –

If you are a fan of the saga and have trouble resisting the wait until the official launch, we will show you the best games like Diablo 3 to help you live with a little peace of mind. Next, we leave you a list with 15 games similar to Diablo 3, with themes as much or darker than what it has you used to.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

In this game, you’ll be able to play Van Helsing in a Victorian-style atmosphere. Although its role changes in its characters or classes are limited, you can change from a demon to a vampire—this game base on the famous Dracula novel by Bram Stoker. The implausible Adventures of Van Helsing offers a lot of variety in the game and different difficulty levels.

Path of Exile

First up is Path of Exile, the game most similar to Diablo II. It is listed as the successor to the first two Diablo games, surpassing the Diablo 3 version. Path of Exile offers many levels of difficulty, skills, and many variables in the game elements. It has, without a doubt, the best ARPG character construction on the market. Its design for anyone who has played Diablo II due to the difficulty levels it contains

Titan Quest

Almost on the same level as Diablo II, Titan Quest deserves the credit. In a new, more modern version, you can delve into mythological adventures, traveling with the titans, different problems.

Dungeon Siege

In Dungeon Siege, as in Shadows: Awakening, some elements are separated from Diablo. It has humble handling in its only main character. Set out on an adventurous journey, discovering treasures, riches, new weapons, among other options that the surface will find throughout his game.

Shadows: Awakening

If you are used to playing Diablo III, you will find Shadow: Awakening similar. In a dark fantasy world, you can use up to four different characters to generate multiple possibilities without falling into a routine game. Shadow: Awakening is a new game and different in many ways from the others, which we already know.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

If you are looking to play in an atmosphere similar to Diablo 3, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is for you. This game is fun, friendly, and loaded with many decisive battles. As for the atmosphere of its interface, it is much darker than Diablo 3.

Lost Ark

This South Korean video game manages to capture attention and make you spend several pleasant moments while you wait for the arrival of Diablo IV. Lost Ark is not officially playable, but it’s worth a try if you manage to connect via VPN to use this hidden gem.

Book of Demons

Book of Demons is the perfect combination between a board game and a dueling game. It is a new version of Diablo, where you must collect cards and grow your deck. It has unique art and graphics, with an aesthetic that makes the sinister tints of the game disappear. Book of Demons is a complete game that you can enjoy in every way.


The development of this game and the music creates by the same people who carried out Diablo II. Torchlight has cartoon graphics within an unstable environment and classes that make it worth replaying.

Diablo II

If you are looking to return to the source, you can use the new version of Diablo II in an improved resolution. It will allow you to play within a gloomy, dark, and incomparable music that only Diablo II can offer us.

Grim Dawn

The same developers made grim Dawn as Titan Quest. This game turns out to be more diverse, similar, according to the atmosphere that exists in Diablo III.

Warhammer: Chaosbane

This game develops a very particular attraction. It turns out to be even darker and more violent than Diablo III, generating a pleasant sensation when playing it. Together with the gods as protagonists, it will trap you in their myths and mysteries. Although this Warhammer presents a unique strategy, you will immerse yourself in a fantastic and attractive world that you will surely enjoy.

Victor Tran

With a very high rating and rating, this game offers guaranteed entertainment. In a Victorian setting, you can provide multiple options for customizing your main character, which in this case, the only game option will be to use Victor Vran.

It will be a hilarious and attractive character.  The action throughout the game turns out to be intense, even more so than the Diablo clones. We hope that our list of games like Diablo 3 has been of help to you and that you manage to find a title that fills the void left in your gamer’s heart.

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