Is The Simpsons Over in 2021? That is what is known?

When will the Simpsons End –

It is no covert to anyone that the oldest animated series on American television, The Simpsons, has managed to capture the public since its premiere in 1989.

With more than 30 years on the air, this series has maintained itself with the years’ passing. Thanks to their sharp humour and sociopolitical vision, they have gained the reputation of heralding many events worldwide.

And although the new seasons have been the target of criticism and have not had the massive reception that the older episodes still have, the end of the series would be a blow to millions of fans worldwide.

According to an interview composer Danny Elfman gave to the podcast in November 2019.

After Disney purchased Fox, only additional seasons plan until 2021.

” Well, from what I’ve heard, it’s coming. to an end,” Elfman said.

“I do not know for confident, but I have heard that it is in its last year,” he added before clarifying that the contracts for the production of the series only improved until 2021.

The information complete by international media such as The Mirror and The Guardian.

Additionally, Lisa Simpson’s original voice Yardley Smith told the Hollywood Reporter that Disney would end the series before altering its legacy.

These statements, however, have created quite a debate among fans of the series.

For that reason, on portals dedicated to the series, many have speculated that a new series should in which Bart Simpson would host a program where the Simpsons, Matt Groening, told details of the production.

This theory could be motivated by how The Simpsons, for a long time, experimented with new television.

And also, audio visual languages—the characters in the series base on the Groening family.

The Simpsons on Disney +

The oldest animated series on American television, ‘The Simpsons’ jumped into streaming a short time ago.

Season 31 premiered exclusively on Disney + starting November 27. The platform will premiere two new episodes every Friday, transporting audiences to iconic Springfield.

The 22-episode season comes to the video-on-demand service after its broadcast in the United States, where it sees on Fox.

This batch of episodes was scheduled for an Emmy and has a stellar cast of guest actors, with Billy Porter, John Mulaney, Jason Momoa, Kevin Smith, Lilly Singh, Cate Blanchett, Chrissy Teigan, and Jim Parsons, as well as musical performances by John Legend and Weezer.

All Marvel fans enjoyed the episode ‘Bad Bart’, starring Kevin Feige, president of Marvel; Joe and Anthony Russo, ‘Avengers: Endgame’, and Cobie Smulders, Maria Hill in the MCU.

After debuting in the short film ‘Maggie Simpson: Playing with Destiny,’ Baby Hudson return to the series in the episode ‘The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby.’

The season also consists of episode 30 of the well-known Halloween anthology ‘The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror,’ entitled ‘Thanksgiving Horror.’

‘The Simpsons’ is still in shape; the arrival of the thirty-first season on Disney + comes after the broadcast of season 32 in the United States, which began airing on September 27 on Fox.

In addition, all the previous ones also on the platform aired episodes of the iconic fiction series.

In recent weeks, a robust theory has emerged that ensures the end of ‘The Simpsons’ as we know them after Disney bought Fox.

They speculate that this may happen in the year 2021, between seasons 32 and 33.

And also, to give rise to somewhat strange content for fans, but that could be effective: the Bart Simpson series.

The young man will the protagonist of a new project called “Los Groening,” in which he would break the fourth wall.

There he would comment on family experiences based on the real-life of Matt Groening.

The yellow characters known to inspire by his family: Homer (father), Marge (mother), Lisa and Maggie (sisters).

And also,  his grandfather named Abraham.

 Is this true?

The end of ‘The Simpsons’  predict for years, and this rumour grew when they became the property of Disney.

At the moment, they are just that, speculation, it is not official.

And the plan would not be to end the program since the mouse company continues to function.

And also, as a business as it is one of the most extensive series in history.