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Lenovo Explorer – Features, Comfort, Discovery

Lenovo Explorer – Features, Comfort, Discovery

Improve your PC Experience, Discover new Worlds

Lenovo Explorer – Travel in time and space instantly. Travel to see dinosaurs wander across the land. Explore your favorite city without leaving your home. With Lenovo Explorer, the sky is no longer the limit. Equipped with Windows Mixed Reality, this lightweight and stylish helmet allow you to merge the real with the virtual, resulting in genuinely extraordinary entertainment and jaw-dropping experiences.


The characteristics of each product may vary depending on the country of purchase, so the following description should not be interpreted as a contractual commitment. We invite you to review the exact characteristics for each product before making the online purchase in the ‘See Models’ section of this same page or with a sales advisor if it is in physical stock.

Out with the old, in done with the new.

Windows Mixed Reality lets you adjustment your regular laptop or PC into something more memorable — and fun. Enjoy access to more than 20,000 Microsoft applications, including the latest games and entertainment. And if you need productivity, tap on the Microsoft Office Suite and create your virtual workspace.

Travel everywhere in Comfort

When you step into virtual space for any length of time, Comfort is the key. It is where Lenovo Explorer stands out. Easy to fit, this stylish helmet has an iron-gray top finish. It is so light (only 380g) and perfectly balanced that you will hardly notice you are wearing it.

Go on a Journey of Discovery

Travel to 1465 and discover the hidden secrets of Machu Picchu. Depart at dawn in a hot air balloon over Rome. Get a 360-degree view from the side of the court of a live NBA game. Or watch your favorite shows in your virtual cinema. With Lenovo Explorer, anything is possible.

Inaction in minutes

Unlike competitive wrap-around helmets with external cameras and sensors that can take a long time to install, Lenovo Explorer is straightforward. Just connect a cable to your PC, and you can get started.

A true Sense of Freedom that doesn’t cost a Fortune

With Lenovo Explorer, you can move freely and around a 3.5mx 3.5m space. Lenovo Explorer monitors your every change with greater fidelity, orientation in length, and fluid monitoring; without the need for external sensors.

In the past, a virtual experience may have been expensive with an expensive headset and a high-end computer. Now with the Lenovo Explorer headset and a VR Ready Lenovo PC (see Legion Y520 / Y720), you can enjoy the best of mixed and virtual reality for a fraction of the price.

New ways to Work, Play and Explore

With Lenovo Explorer, there are four ways to improve your virtual and mixed experience:

  • Motion Controllers(not included in all models, check your Lenovo Explorer settings before purchase): allow you to embrace Windows Mixed Reality— from selecting and creating tools and weapons in Minecraft to dragging or adjusting Powerpoint slides and images with your hands.
  • Your keyboard and mouse: allow you to work and play in a digital space – access the Microsoft Office Suite or watch movies in your virtual world.
  • Your Xbox® controller (not included): Gives you more power — choose the best and most comfortable way to play and be entertained.
  • Ask Cortana: Your brilliant Windows 10 virtual personal assistant — from providing answers to taking orders, setting reminders, and taking tasks, Cortana helps you simplify your day.

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