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Nintendo Switch Lite Micro Card – Buying Recommendations, Featured Models, and More

Nintendo Switch Lite Micro Card – Buying Recommendations, Featured Models, and More

How To Choose Micro SD Card For Nintendo Switch And Switch Lite

Best Buying Recommendations and Featured Models

Nintendo Switch Lite Micro Card – One of the weak points of the Nintendo Switch is its storage space. And it is that the multipurpose Nintendo console comes with 32 GB of storage, of which we can only take advantage of approximately 25 GB.

Although using games in the objective format we save having to install them in the structure, the update, saved games, and the fun of the e-Shop will decrease that space considerably. The solution is to buy an SD card for Nintendo Switch.

Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch: what you need to know?

Micro SD, Micro SDHC, or Micro SDXC cards?

As we see in the technical specifications of the Switch, this console is compatible with micro SD, micro SDHC, and micro SDXC memory cards. What is the difference? The storage limit. We will abandon the micro SD to dry for a spatial reason since it only reaches 4 GB. The result will be between an SDHC ( Secure Digital High Capacity ) or an SDXC ( Secure Digital Extended Capacity ) card.

The SDHC limit is 32 GB, which might be sufficient for lighter users looking to adjust the budget. Still, considering that the idea is to invest in a card to “forget” about running out of space and that the cost difference between the model is nominal, micro SDXC cards are the most suggested option. With a micro SDXC card, we will cover the chance to save games and games and make most e-Shop.

How much space do I need?

A good part of Nintendo’s releases ranges between 5 and 20 GB, although there are pretty notable exceptions such as NBA 2K19, the heaviest game for Switch with more than 30 GB. This logic and 32 GB as an initial point will depend on the type of user we are and our preference.

If we buy AAA in substantial format and rarely use the e-Shop and virtual titles in the 64 GB, we find a good balance between functionality and cost. If you visit and install e-Shop titles repeatedly and rarely download AAA games digitally, a 128GB might be a good option. And also, the idea is to bet heavily on the e-Shop and the digital format of the games, opting for a card of 256 GB or more is a good idea.

Nintendo Switch Lite Micro Card –

However, the Nintendo Switch is ready for Micro SDHC cards up to 2 TB. Although we cannot forget the loading times. And also, It is essential to make two notes regarding speed. Although it is common to find numerical rates provided by the manufacturer on the packaging. We must look for and stick to the class, which rounded.

Likewise, some manufacturers also report the most fantastic reading and writing speed, temporary peaks that the card reaches, but that should not be taken into account when evaluating the performance of a card since it will not be its usual behavior. Due to the type of bus used, the maximum speed of cards that only include this classification will be 25 MB / s.

With the introduction of SDHC and SDXC type cards (with a new data transfer bus), the SD Association introduced a new class, the UHS Speed ​​Class. And a reference that you can also find on the card’s surface next. Original Speed ​​Class.

According to the UHS Speed ​​Class, these are the minimum speeds we can expect:

UHS-I Class 1 (U1): minimum speed of 10 MB / s

UHS-I Class 3 (U3): minimum speed of 30MB / s

Regarding the theoretical maximum speeds, in the U1, we will reach 50 MB / s, and in the U3, 104 MB / s. The new UHS-II Class 3 cards have recently been launched, prepared to achieve transfer speeds of up to 312 MB / s but still rare in the market, especially in micro SD format.

Taking into account its use in devices such as cameras, smartphones, and cameras, the SD Association has expanded the specifications with two more variables. The Application Performance Class and the Video Speed ​​Class, two types that refer to their use to install applications (or games ) and the ability to record high-resolution video.


  • Application Performance Class or ‘APC’ refers to how suitable a card is for storing application or application data. This class ensures sequential and random mode read and write speeds ideal for running applications.
  • Video Speed ​​Class indicates how suitable a card is to record video at 4K, 8K, or 360 degrees. And also, the possibility of allowing the simultaneous recording of several files.
  • It represents the cards’ surface with symbols ranging from V6 to V90. Where the speeds will correspond to 6 MB / s for the V6 to 90 MB / s for the V90, the recommended for 8K video.

After this introduction and returning to the Switch. We are interested in cards with a speed of Class 10 to mitigate the possibility of lags while reading games. Regarding the UHS Speed ​​Class, the recommended minimum is to go to U1 and my classification.

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