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Panasonic GH6 – Three Models, Planned, and a Sensor

Panasonic GH6 – Three Models, Planned, and a Sensor

First vague rumors about the Panasonic GH6: Allegedly, three versions of the DSLM are in work. The resolution should be 41 megapixels.

Vague Rumors about The Panasonic GH6

The upcoming Canon EOS R5 will put pressure on Sony and Panasonic with its world-class video specs. After all, the Panasonic cameras, and the Panasonic GH5s in particular. And also, have always been an excellent choice when it comes to video creation.

Accordingly, it is not surprising that rumors about a Panasonic GH6 have surfaced. You can be pretty sure that the GH6 is under development, but you should still careful with the current dishes – because they do not come from a reliable source.

Three Models, 41 Megapixels

The Panasonic GH6 is supposed to present in late 2020 or early 2021, and, according to rumors, the manufacturer not just one but three different versions of the camera in the making. These should listen to the designations GH6, GH6V, and GH6X.

The most important innovation is also said to have decided that the Panasonic GH6 should equip with a 41-megapixel sensor in micro-four-thirds format. This sensor said to the Sony IMX594CQR.

Other innovations include an improved 5-axis image stabilizer, longer battery life, and a new and faster AF system. You will also be able to create 4K and 6K videos, and, depending on the model, Panasonic will probably also integrate 8K videos.

As I said, the source of this information is anything but reliable, so that the technical data could dismiss as pure speculation. We have picked them up here anyway, to ask for your opinion:

Panasonic GH6: Is there still hope?

A source claims to have heard of the upcoming presentation of the Panasonic GH6. The camera to announce together with the GH5 II.

Panasonic GH5 Mark II leaked

Last week, a tweet from the Japanese website Nokishita caused an uproar in the Micro Four Thirds scene. Nokishita confirmed that Panasonic would shortly introduce the GH5 Mark II. Numerous technical data supply, but they only showed minimal improvements compared to the old GH5. So is Panasonic, for the time being, not presenting a new flagship and a natural successor to the GH5?

Development Announcement of The Panasonic GH6?

That was what it looked like last week, but now a source has spoken out that the Panasonic GH6 could announce at the same time as the GH5 Mark II. The GH5 Mark II expects to hit the market very soon, while the GH6 should be a development announcement. So it could be a few extra months before the camera launch.

Other sources have not yet confirmed the information, but there is at least some hope for the Panasonic GH6. In the last few days, a leaked teaser image indicated that Panasonic would like to hold a presentation on May 19, 2021. So it is pretty potential that we will receive official information from Panasonic itself tomorrow. However, it could also be that tomorrow’s presentation only intended for representatives of the press and takes place behind closed doors.

In any case, it will be exciting for the next few days. If Panasonic were to exclusively present the GH5 Mark II, perhaps even as the new “flagship”. It would not necessarily be a declaration of love for the Micro Four Thirds format. A GH6, on the other hand, would be a clear commitment that MFT will remain loyal to the next few years.

Panasonic GH6 with 8K video and new AF system? – Panasonic confirms new GH model

Yosuke Yamane, Director Imaging Business Unit Panasonic. Announced a successor model for the GH series for video filmmakers in his LUMIX Business Strategy Video Message. The decisive sentence here is: “Furthermore, we are developing a successor model to GH for video creators.”

That can only mean a new GH6 – good news for all GH fans and a statement that, of course, opens the door to speculation about the equipment of an upcoming GH6 series. Before we get involved, let’s briefly recall the strengths and weaknesses of the current GH series.

We particularly appreciate the current GH5’s high stabilization performance, good battery performance, ability to record high-quality audio via an XLR adapter. And also, its reliability and solid construction. Its comparatively “small” M43 sensor makes it a good run & gun camera for reportage/event/interview scenarios.

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