Paragon Backup and Recovery Review –

There is nothing worse than losing sensitive files, either through accidental deletion or drive failure, so familiarizing yourself with the best data recovery software is essential if you need to back up important information or recover it after loss or damage. And there are more options than ever for hard drive data recovery – some paid, some free.

In this Paragon Backup and Recovery review, we’ll discuss some of the program’s core features and help you decide if it’s a good option for you or your business. In short: Although its features don’t quite match the premium competition, Paragon Backup and Recovery is still a great free option.


Paragon Backup and Recovery Community Edition is a free download for Mac and Windows and what we’ll be focusing on in this review. Hard Disk Manager, Paragon’s premium recovery program.

Paragon Backup and Recovery Community Edition is free for non-commercial use. (Image credit: Paragon Software)

Suppose you want to invest in Paragon’s Hard Disk Manager workstation. However, users are limited to a desktop operating system and can only use one PC at a time. Apart from the Paragon pricing and plans you can also find trello pricing plans on their official website.


Although Paragon Backup and Recovery can be overwhelming for new users, it offers exceptionally robust features for a free application. Users can adjust backup preferences using many criteria, including backup type, frequency, and retention. There is also an option to develop scenario-based backups based on your specific needs.

Users have robust customization options for each backup. (Image credit: Paragon Software)

As backup storage accumulates, users can determine which files need to delete. If your operating system has stopped working, you can boot from a USB drive for a full restore in the Windows preinstallation environment. Mac users can restore from backup through recovery mode.

Keep in mind that little features, such as copying and partitioning disks, are limited to Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Business. These tools are visible in Backup and Recovery despite being locked behind a paid license.


After installation, you have immediate access to the full functionality of Paragon Backup and Recovery. While this gives you a high level of control over your backups, it can make the program more confusing at first – there is no tutorial or introduction for new users. Click the Help button only leads to a PDF of the application manual.

“My backups” makes it simple to create and manage backup. (Image credit: Paragon Software)

Free users have admission to two tabs: My backups and operations. To create a new jam, first select the source and target drives. You will be able to adjust your preferences before starting the backup.


In our testing, Paragon Backup and Recovery took about 15 minutes to back up 4.61 GB, plus about two more minutes of preparation. A “verify backup data validity” message frequently appeared, although Paragon successfully backed up the files nicely.

This 4.61 GB backup took approximately 15 minutes. (Image credit: Paragon Software)

It’s easy to set up a bootable USB drive as backup and restore walks you through each step of the process. Regular backups help to avoid recovering lost or corrupted files because other versions of your files keep safe elsewhere.

Paragon Backup and Recovery has a relatively low system requirement and should work well on any computer running Windows 7 or newer. However, it’s worth noting that since Windows 7 long supported by Microsoft, you should probably have upgraded your operating system by now. Unfortunately, Mac users can now only access the program on macOS 10.15. We didn’t encounter any significant performance issues while using the app, but the backup took a little longer than expected. After data back up, Backup and Recovery make it easy to reimport to the original location.


With Backup and Recovery, it’s easy to manage your data at a glance and create a consistent backup schedule. The automatic backup tool allows you to copy an entire disc or just specific files.

Users can manage a variety of preferences before starting a new backup. (Image credit: Paragon Software)

Setting up a bootable USB drive streamlines the process of recovering from a damaged operating system. In short, you should be able to resolve all issues and get your system back to normal quickly.

The app itself is only 189MB for 64-bit Windows 10, making it a quick download over most connections. Its clean interface and full customization options provide robust functionality without sacrificing ease of use.


Paragon provides several informative support resources for backup and recovery users. The Knowledge Base serves as the starting point for any application-related issues. This section contains troubleshooting guides on crashes, installation, activation, and other common problems.

The Knowledge Base offers answers to some of the most common questions. (Image credit: Paragon Software)

In addition, the Paragon Blog offers in-depth articles covering different functions and tips for using the platform. Although there is a dedicated support forum, it is no longer active. Finally, registered users can submit tickets directly to Paragon for one-on-one assistance.