Converters That PDF Bear Offers

Almost all countries are suffering from a health crisis which led to the disruption of the learning process of students from kindergarten to college. Instead of physically attending classes, they have to use their devices to attend lectures and submit quizzes. Contrary to popular belief, the online learning setup is more challenging than the face-to-face classes because of a heavier workload. If you are currently a student, you are probably aware of how hard it is.

You now use different file formats to submit reports and exercises. But there will be instances that you might need to convert it to PDF to embed the content. It would be better to use the conversion services offered by PDFBear.  Check out the list of its converters below to understand how they work. Looking for the ideal document management solution for your company,  here is one of the best solution for your company

JPG to PDF online converter

Converters That PDF Bear Offers – 

Do you have an unorganized and messy photo folder that you want to fix? If so, seeing them can be a cause of stress and frustration. If you want to solve this issue as soon as possible, you may use the JPG to PDF converter of PDFBear.

It will help you combine your photos in JPG formats in one PDF file. As a result, you can easily browse them and find what you are looking for at the moment. It is an online tool capable of performing the entire process in just a matter of seconds. But it might be longer if you fail to secure yourself with a stable internet connection.

To start the process, you are required to upload the JPG photos to the converter toolbox located at the center of the web page. You may take advantage of the drag-and-drop option when uploading to avoid the hassle of manually selecting each one of them.

After that, the tool will provide several options on how you want to convert them. Once you determine the one suitable for your needs, you can proceed with the conversion process by clicking the convert to PDF button.

PPT to PDF online converter

Converters That PDF Bear Offers – 

Despite the online learning setup, professors still require you to present a topic during class hours. To make your report easy to understand, you have to use a visual aid. PDF is the best file format to use for this purpose. IT has a lot of editing tools that can help make your presentation visually appealing. You may use several transitions for each page.

Additionally, you may also attach a video if you need to present one. However, it occupies too much space in your storage, so it is best to convert it into PDF using the website. It offers a free account which means that it will not require you even a dollar.

You can start the process once the PPT file reaches the database. The converter tool will copy all the information it contains and transfer them to a PDF document. It might take a few minutes depending on how large the file size is. The last step will let you download the converted document and share it via social media platforms.

Excel to PDF online converter

Converters That PDF Bear Offers – 

Excel is the right file format to use if you are processing thousands of data. It can organize them allowing you to analyze them more efficiently. However, when presenting the Excel file to an audience, they might feel overwhelmed. Aside from that, there is a possibility that the text or number would no longer be visible when shown on the projector.

You can get rid of these limitations if you convert it into PDF using the PDFBear. It performs the process using a Cloud system, so you can access it using any device and operating system. Aside from that, it performs pretty well because all the formatting and layout will be the same when you compare the converted to the original version.

You have to give the server a copy of the Excel document by transferring it from your device or online storage accounts. The converter tool will instantly scan and convert it. Despite operating quickly, rest assured that the quality and security will not be compromised. After a few minutes, the converted PDF will be available for download and sharing.

Word to PDF online converter

When you try to send a Word file, the recipient will have a hard time reading it due to formatting issues. It is a type of document that can’t embed the content so it is not the appropriate file type to use for file-sharing purposes. You first need to convert it into PDF using PDFBear.

Quickly and easily upload the document to the toolbox. Then, wait for approximately a minute to have your hands on the converted document. Lastly, you need to download it to have the capability to open it even without an internet connection. You must perform this last step within 60 minutes. If not, you can no longer access the converted file forcing you to repeat the process.

In Conclusion

PDFBear is a great platform to use today because it offers a lot of tools that will let you modify your files in just a snap. It will lead to a more bearable online learning experience. So if you have trouble converting one file format to another, immediately head to!