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PS4 Price Drop – Powerful Playstation, The New Playstation, and More

PS4 Price Drop – Powerful Playstation, The New Playstation, and More

For all PlayStation fans, well, here’s some good news. The PS4 Price Drop was usually likely during Sony’s conference at Paris Games Week 2015, this famous event bringing together video game enthusiasts and gaming giants.

A 500 GB PS4 for less than 350 € in Europe

According to the retailers of the PS4 and specific brands, the Sony console will drop by 50 € in price.

So, in 2 days (October 21, 2015), you will be able to buy yourself a PS4 with 500 GB of storage for € 349.99 instead of € 499.99 before this price drop.

Do not miss the info that the PS4 20th Anniversary pack will soon be available at € 399.99 instead of € 499, including a PS4 with 1TB of storage and a second controller.

The drop in price of the PS4 is not huge, but it’s already what to win. Knowing that more declines expect to come, but we do not know more at this time.

I’ve also heard that the 1TB PS4 storage packs will have a slightly more significant drop.

In any case, the PS4 is the best-selling console at the moment, so if Sony makes its conference rich in novelty at Paris Games Week 2015, I think the PS4 will have a significant boost in sales!

Good PlayStation deal: sharp price drop on the PS4 Pro!

The PS4 Pro on sale on Amazon

Released in the fall of 2018, the PS4 Pro is one of the best-selling game consoles in the world.

More than a year past its release in France, the Sony console is on sale on Amazon.

While it usually offers 399.99 euros, the PS4 Pro (1TB version) sees its price drop to 329.99 euros or an immediate discount of 70 euros from the merchant site.

Regarding shipping costs, they offered standard home delivery. As for Amazon Prime members, they benefit from fast delivery within one working day.

Note that you have the possibility of having 2 PlayStation Hits games offered for the purchase of the PS4 Pro at the same price on the Fnac site.

You have until Sunday, March 8, 2020, inclusive of taking advantage of this offer available.

The most powerful PlayStation

Comes with a DS4 wireless controller, the PS4 Pro features double the graphics power for even smoother and more crisp, faster refresh rates for an explosive gaming experience

4K compatible with various games, the console living room supports HDR technology to enjoy breathtaking graphics.

Finally, the PS4 Pro (black colour) comes with a micro-mono headset and three cables (power supply, HDMI, USB).


The PS4 is one of the best-selling consoles on the market. Indeed, it is a flagship product in the world of video games.

Recently, we have seen a drop in the console price, especially with the arrival of Christmas.

In this article, we request you to find out if this price drop directly links to the upcoming arrival of the new Playstation.

A price drop since October 2019

As we could see directly on the official website of the Japanese brand, the price reduction for the console has been effective since October.

In particular, this price drop affects the packs; that is to say, the console sold with one or more games. The price reductions were effective in France only in December.

In particular, it was possible to purchase the PS4 for only € 299—a great strategy before the arrival of Christmas, allowing stocks to sell.

The new Playstation

According to some sources, this price drop for the PS4 notably linked to the future marketing of the PS5.

Indeed, this new console is on the market during winter 2020 for around € 400 at the launch price. Some say the console to the public during E3 2020, but nothing is official yet.

If Sony wants to market a new version of its console, the Japanese manufacturer must sell its current stocks.

The price drop is therefore logical. In particular, this made it possible to make a few happy people who could not afford the console before.

A new console is needed!

The majority of current players wonder what is a novelty for this new console. Indeed, the PS4 is a complete game console.

However, the CEO of Sony says there is a need to bring a fresh, whole new generation console to the market.

This motivation is mainly due to the success of the Nintendo Switch, which it is necessary to counter.

In addition, Sony has not yet been able to exploit the full potential of its console, and significant innovations make for the future PS5.

If you wish, you can find here the best PS4 games of this year that are sure to win you over. Also, let’s not forget that these games have sold many copies of the PS4.

Indeed, currently, more than 75 million copies have been sold worldwide, which still represents an excellent turnover for Sony.

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