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Sony a7IV – Features, Release Date, Launch, and More

Sony a7IV – Features, Release Date, Launch, and More

Rumor Sony a7IV

It has be rumored for a long time that the new Sony a7 would precisely be the Sony a7IV. After the release of the new Sony a1 that many expected to be version 4 of the brand’s best-selling camera, it seems that we stayed without knowing what departure date this little girl would have. But we have obtained information about it, and in this post, we will comment on all the characteristics and the possible departure date and its potential price.

Features And Specifications of The Sony a7IV

  • According to rumors, this new Sony would have a further 30 Mpx sensor that had already been
  • announced for months. This sensor would have an improvement in the quality of the sensitivity. That is, it would work better in adverse situations with higher ISOS.
  • The quality of the optical viewfinder would improve to be on par with that of the Sony a7rIII. However, other rumors say that it could have the same as that of the Sony a7rIV. Remember that the a7III model recycled the same viewfinder from the previous model, so yes gets the viewer from one of the versions r would already be a substantial upload. We speak of between 3.69 mph and 5.76 mph.
  • Regarding the approach, there would not be a very notable improvement. However, there is a slight possibility that it incorporates the technology of the new Sony a1, but in a somewhat smaller version, as will happen with the launch of the Sony a9. This focus stands out more for the artificial intelligence of the processor than for the number of focus points it has.
  • Moving on to video, we would not have an improvement, or at least that is what we believe, and we will continue with 4k video recording at 30p. However, it could happen that Sony decided to upload these 30 frames per second to 60, but it is not very expected.

Possible Sony a7IV Price

After revealing all the features of the future Sony camera, we will discuss all the information regarding the price. In recent years, Sony has been raising the prices of all models with the latest updates. We have seen it, especially with the R series. Taking all this into account we can ensure that the cost of the new Sony a7IV will be higher. Specifically, We are talking about € 2,200 to € 2,500, although it is probably closer to € 2,500.

Sony a7IV Release Date

As we know, finding the exact date of the announcement is complicated. Still, in recent days Sony has filed several patents for new cameras, which means that it cannot be long before its report. We usually can see these announcements between two and three months after the patent creates. In this case, we would be talking on the subject of between mid-March and April.

The Sony a7 IV Will Launch in 2021, With a 30+ MP Sensor and 4K/60p Recording

It’s been over two years since the release of the Sony a7 III, but it seems like we’re finally getting close to its successor.

According to Sony Alpha Rumors, the a7 IV will debut midway through 2021. And while the camera won’t offer any genuinely groundbreaking features, SAR’s “usually excellent source” suggests a suite of intriguing specs.

Sony A7IV Possible Specifications and What We’d Like to see

Sony launches the Sony A7 III in February 2018, which means it’s fast, similar to its third birthday. And while we keep waiting for years for the Sony A7S III, the A7 III is in a more mainstream area of the camera market with greater competition, so I think we could see Sony introduce a replacement for it sooner rather than later. Hopefully, this year.

And the Name for The A7 III Substitution? The Sony A7 IV is a Dead Cert.

I’ve been benevolent some thought to the likely condition of the Sony A7 IV and what type I’d like it to have. There are a few things that I’ve been asking for from Sony for a long time, and now that the Sony A7S III has delivered them for a 12Mp video-centric camera, I think there’s a strong prospect that we might see some exciting changes made for the A7 IV.

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