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DAZN Free Trial – Watching, The Case of DAZN

DAZN Free Trial – Watching, The Case of DAZN

DAZN Free Trial –

Like many other streaming video platforms, you can also watch DAZN for free for the first month, with no obligation to continue with the service after the promotion ends. To get the first month free on DAZN, you have to register for the first time on the platform, and you will be able to enjoy the best sports competitions. Furthermore, you can find many High level work management software on the internet.

How to watch DAZN For free?

The first month in DAZN is free; once you register for the first time on the platform, it is unnecessary to carry out any additional management. That is the only way to watch DAZN for free. This promotion is similar to that of other streaming video platforms such as Netflix, HBO …

Therefore, to watch DAZN for free for a month, you need to register on the sports platform by following the steps below:

  1. Enter the DAZN page
  2. Click on the button “Start your free month.”
  3. Enter your personal information: name, surname, email, and a password of at least six characters
  4. Click on “Continue”
  5. Choose a payment option and enter the details. You can choose between credit/debit card, bank account, or Paypal.
  6. Click on “REGISTER”
  7. Confirm your subscription by click on the link that sent to the email you used to register

Although you can watch DAZN for free for the first month, it is necessary to enter a valid payment method to complete the registration successfully. Nothing will be charged to your account until the free period ends and you have not previously canceled.

This DAZN promotion is not subject to particular conditions; therefore, there is no commitment to stay. If you do not want to pay for the subscription after the trial period ends, you must unsubscribe from DAZN before the free period ends. If you do not remember the exact date you registered, you can check it in the “My Account” section. Also, it is not necessary to wait until the last day to cancel the subscription; you can cancel it at any time and continue enjoying the service until your monthly period is over.

On the contrary, if you want to continue with the service after the period to watch DAZN for free ends, the price of DAZN is only 4.99 euros per month, which charge to your account after the trial month. And as we have mentioned before, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

The Power of Free Trials: The Case of DAZN

In Marketing Insider Review, we are going to analyze a specific Growth Hacking.

The power of free trials would be the ability to generate leads and attract new customers that would have these free trials, which would also not entail any expense for the company.

Growth Hacking consists of strategies carried out in companies that do not have much capital to invest in design and therefore resort to carrying out Growth Hacking strategies.

What are free trials?

Free trials are a Growth Hacking strategy applied in digital products since it consists of the client being able to have your digital product free of charge and become a subscriber or user. Within this free trial, we would have two aspects. The first aspect that we could distinguish would be the one used by companies such as video game creators such as EA Sports, Ubisoft … These companies offer a video game demo.

It is not complete, nor with the detailed graphics of the video game. Still, they launch it so that players can try a demo, view, approximately, what the video game is, its playability, although with fewer graphics, its novelties. That is, This demo awakens the uncertainty and the desire to have the complete video game.

The other aspect that we can distinguish would be the one used by companies such as DAZN, Netflix, Userlike, and the AVG antivirus. Unlike the previous element, the customer would be offered the digital application service in these digital companies. But for a specific time, usually one month.

Thanks to these free trials, the digital program allows you to enjoy the services of the digital platforms. To do this, users must register. Thanks to this registry, where the client’s data is requested, clients will temporarily enjoy the service. And on the other hand, the company will have the customer’s data. Thanks to this availability, they will implement a series of strategies to add them to their definitive list of clients.

DAZN’s free sport strategy

DAZN is a platform where they broadcast sports such as English football (Premier League), UFC, interviews with footballers, English league coaches.

These broadcasts can be online or delayed and have allowed DAZN to position. It is a recognized digital platform among its target and potential clients due to the quality content it offers.

This recognition achieves thanks to this Growth Hacking of free trials. In 2019 this digital platform launched in Spain; they reached an unknown market for them and where no one knew them.

Thanks to this plan and their quality content, they managed to recognize their Spanish target.

The strategy they carried out was to offer a free trial of one month so that their clients will insert their emails into their digital platform. And thus get their data to carry out other emailing strategies.

Thanks to their quality content and this one-month free trial, they managed to generate leads. And have their users pay to obtain their services permanently.

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