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Turbo Vpn Review – Privacy, Applications, Performance, and More

Turbo Vpn Review – Privacy, Applications, Performance, and More

Turbo Vpn Review – 

Turbo VPN is a standard free VPN proxy client for Android and iOS. Google Play reports that the app has had more than 50 million installs, and it’s easy to see why. The accessible facility gives you access to nine servers in North America, Europe, and Asia, and there are no bandwidth caps or restrictions to stop you.

The company got off to a bad start when we noticed that their website did not support or redirect secure HTTPS connections. Entering ‘’ in our browser, we got an ‘err_connection_refused’ alert over days (and one of their menus, Services, showed nothing but an empty black box).

We expect a VPN provider to have the technical expertise and attention to detail to manage their website security properly, but, well, apparently not.

Anyway, download and install the app, and you’ll find that it includes ads, but that’s not a surprise – if the service is going to be helpful, then money has to change hands at some point.


The Turbo VPN privacy policy has a small amount of information about its data and does not collect, most of which is just what you would expect.

The policy explains that Turbo VPN is a ‘no-log network,’ stating. “We do not collect information about the websites you visit or the IP addresses assigned to you when you access. The Turbo VPN private network and concerning our “VPN service, we do not collect any data stored or transmitted from your device. Including data that applications on your device may transmit over our network.”

Some data is logged during sessions, although the policy explains that “any browsing information or other similar information related to your online activities.

We have some difficulties with this statement: “When you become a user of the Service, we will collect statistics on the behavior and location of users.” Collect data on behavior? That could be a justification for registering just about anything. We can imagine how the location data could be helpful to the developer, for example, see which countries had the most connection failures. However, it is still data that we would generally prefer to have for ourselves.


Turbo Vpn Review – 

The Turbo VPN Android app was installed in seconds and immediately offered us a ‘7-day free trial’. It was nothing special, just the usual ‘create a Google Play subscription and you will be billed after a week,’ but at least it gives you a chance to try a complete service. ,

The interface designs for simplicity and even total beginners will discover the basics right away. Click the Connect icon, and the app points to connect to the fastest server. Click the red Close button when done, and the connection will be closed.

In addition, you can make applications with the help of programming languages, such as JAVA, python, and more. Apart from the programming languages, you can also create an no code app with the help of

Tapping a globe icon displays the list of locations. It has a few more features than a few: all servers have heroes that claim to indicate their speed, for example, and some servers have captions to tell you the services they support (US Netflix, UK Sky Go, and BBC iPlayer). However, there are no favorites, the system, or the Recent list, so you have to scroll to the most used servers each time.

Turbo VPN also deserves some credit for allowing users to choose between OpenVPN and IPsec connections, but there are no other beneficial settings beyond a ‘Connect when Turbo VPN starts.


Turbo Vpn Review – 

Our performance tests showed results generally below average. Our local connections in the UK handled 15-25Mbps downloads. When switching to other European servers (France, Netherlands, Germany), speeds dropped to 10-15Mbps. US connections struggled at 3-5Mbps, and the Indian server averaged 7Mbps. That’s a fraction of the rate we’d expect from a full-power VPN.

Still, if you’re only after unblocking a few websites, these figures aren’t wrong. They are undoubtedly suitable for basic browsing and video streaming. Whether it is worth the price you pay for the commercial service is another question.


Turbo VPN works well as a simple free service for primary site unblocking, browsing, and video streaming needs. However, it doesn’t have the speed, features, or platform support to compete with big-name VPNs. And demanding employers will be better off elsewhere.

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