There are many such file hosting providers in the entire network that it is impossible to know them all. Zippyshare is now one the largest that offers the upload and download service.

That is a file hoster

  • File hosting services allow the customer to upload and download files from the central server of the service owner. That makes it possible to access uploaded data from any computer and location.
  • That is not only useful when it is necessary to be able to edit a specific file in several locations but is also extremely useful for creating backups of important files outside of your own home.
  • Providers who supply this service free of charge are also called free hosters.
  • Specifically, this means the following for you: You want to send your aunt holiday pictures by email, but for some reason, your email program refuses to do what you wish to (for example, the files are too big) in this case.
  • You can upload the relevant images to a file hoster and email the link to your aunt to download the photos on her computer and view them.
  • That is what sets Zippyshare apart

Zippyshare is one of the free hosters as mentioned above and at the same time a so-called one-click-hoster;

That means that downloading is no longer necessary than a click and not even entering a so-called captcha. This randomly generated code ensures that a downloader is a person and not a program.

The company’s headquarters are in Germany, the central server in France.

Zippyshare is 100% free of charge and extremely fast compared to other file hosts such as Rapidshare or Uploaded.

It is necessary to set up a paid account for maximum upload and download speed.

Apart from that, Zippyshare also impresses with a maximum file size of 200 MB and no limitation on parallel downloads.

Download legally with Zippyshare

  • Although there are always black sheep who abuse the offer of Zippyshare and other file hosters to share content with copyrights, Zippyshare is by no means illegal.
  • The provider even tries everything to take action against illegal uploads and downloads and the tricks of the so-called Warez scene:
  • Static data automatically deleted after 30 days, and Zippyshare protects itself from automated download programs (e.g.,Downloader) and mass uploaders that Upload more than 300 GB per week.

Zippyshare: The popular file hoster is now blocking German users

The next chapter of Game of Thrones will be running in the USA on Sunday, and that means for many who do not have a Sky subscription or the like that they (the next day) look for “other sources” to download the latest episode.

For many fans of the fantasy series, the path will lead to file hosters downloading the appropriate video.

But you may soon have a problem because what is currently probably the most popular service of this type is currently not accessible from Germany.


As the blog Tarnkappe reports, when trying to open a Zippyshare download link, an error with the number 403 display (the page itself is still accessible).

This error fear and relatively straightforward because, in short, or in other words, number 403 says “Forbidden,” i.e., forbidden.

Zippyshare has not commented on this so far, and there is also a lot of speculation as to what is going on.

Reports circulate that British users were similarly locked out in March, but it is unknown whether there is a connection.

The block has been in place for a few days and only affects the German IP address. To beat with VPN access, but this option is usually chargeable.

That should be an exclusion criterion for some Zippyshare users because the main advantage of the

file hoster is that you can get fast downloads there without additional costs.

If you don’t have a VPN and still want to download Zippyshare files, you can also use the Tor browser to still access the downloads without failing with Error 403 (at least if you don’t get a German exit node).

If you want to watch the eagerly awaited third episode of the final season of Game of Thrones without any problems, you best served with a legal option, which found under the following sources: