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Best External Laptop Battery – Litionite Tanker, External battery and More

Best External Laptop Battery – Litionite Tanker, External battery and More

Best External Laptop Battery –

Do you have a laptop, do you like video games, or do you have software that uses much battery because it calculates a lot? Are you going to go on a trip, on a plane for long hours, and your great fear is to run out of battery? Do not panic! There is what is called an external portable laptop charger.

This is a battery that recharges your computer (and sometimes your peripherals too), just brilliant!

How to charge your laptop with an external battery?

One of the easiest ways to charge your laptop is to use a power bank. A power bank is a portable battery for your laptop computer. All you need to do is unite the power bank to your laptop. The advantage of external batteries is that they don’t need to be plugged into a power outlet while charging your computer.

There are many models of external batteries, and not all have the same charge capacity. You will be able to charge less powerful laptops with a USB type-A power bank. If you want to capture a more powerful laptop, you will need to use a type B power bank. If you’re going to charge a more powerful laptop, like a mobile workstation, you will need to purchase a USB-C power bank. USB-C external batteries can also power other USB devices, such as your smartphone or tablet.

More often than not, your power bank will have enough charge to charge your laptop battery only once or twice, especially if you set a more powerful laptop. It is essential not to forget to plug it into a power outlet to recharge it. When your power bank longer charges, you can no longer use it to charge your laptop.

That’s why it’s best to only reserve your power bank for when you need it, like when you accidentally lose your laptop charger. Always keep your battery in your laptop bag.

What to look for when buying a power bank for laptops?


When choosing an external laptop battery, one of the primary considerations should be its ability to store energy (measured in mAh), which indicates how long the device has run before it needs to recharge.

Make sure the battery has a capacity equal to or greater than what is already inside your machine so that you can expect a full charge.


Some power banks can be a bit slow to produce a charge, making sure that the battery you buy has an output equal to or greater than your typical laptop charger wattage.


Making sure you can plug your laptop into your new portable charger is essential. Check what type of inputs the charger supports, whether it’s a standard wall outlet, USB-C port, or other universal solutions

Tablets and laptops: a 20,000 mAh external battery

Choose a power bank with a minimum capacity of 20,000 mAh for laptops and tablets. The batteries for the tablets range from 6000 mAh (iPad Mini) to 10,000 mAh (iPad Pro). The average is around 8000mAh, which also goes for laptops.

With a 20,000mAh power bank (actual capacity: 13,300mAh), you can charge tablets and laptops about 1.5 times. For some vast laptops, like the 16-inch MacBook Pro, you need a 30,000mAh power bank.

Our pick of the three best external laptop batteries

1. Litionite Tanker 90W / 50000mAh

That is a real drum monster! The limonite With its four ports allowing you to recharge almost anything and everything, from the laptop to any USB device, it is the Rolls of the external battery. 2 fast charge USB ports for your smartphones, cameras, etc., and 1 DC Out port as well as a USB C port to charge a laptop. Above all, a power of 50,000 mAh makes this battery the absolute must. With a capacity of just over 1 kg, it remains easily transportable. You can take it anywhere. It works with all Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, huion tablet, Apple Macbook / Macbook Pro, Dell, MSI, and others!

2. External battery with standard 220v plug

Is your use almost exclusively office automation? A laptop in college or on the road. This little external battery could save you the day more than once. And as surprising as it looks, it has a 20-100mAh charge! But what makes its real strength is to offer a standard 220v power outlet, in short, you can plug in whatever you want you will have power wherever you go, camping, in the desert, by plane, little does matter! However, do not think of using your iron with it. The output power limit to 50w, so it is only for computers, tablets, and small household appliances. Its small size allows you to take it everywhere with you.

3. External Battery / Battery Generator: without gasoline with power outlet

I wanted to present this model, which is incredibly powerful. Presented in the form of a small suitcase, it is a battery-powered electric generator with USB, USB-C, and two regular sockets (220v). It can charge several devices simultaneously. In terms of capacity, it is undoubtedly the most powerful at the moment, but it comes at a price. It will be beneficial for people who use drones, as it will allow multiple recharges outdoors.

This model also includes anti-surge protection so that it can use as an inverter! Allows you to charge five laptops or 30 smartphones.


Best External Laptop Battery – Litionite Tanker, External battery and More

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