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The Instagram business account is a complete company profile offering resources and sales tools through a social network.

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing Write for Us

The Instagram business account is a type of profile aimed at companies that provide resources and tools so that they can sell through the social network. Instagram has a mechanism for companies. Instagram for Business includes business profiles, metrics, and the ability to create ads directly within the app.

These resources differentiate them from personal accounts. In addition to the already established functionalities, such as Instagram Stories and Reels, there is also the possibility of visualizing metrics that help you adjust your marketing campaigns to your objectives.

Instagram is a visual social network where a user can post photos and short videos, apply effects to them, and interact with other people’s posts, through comments and likes. Besides, a user can follow another to follow their publications and activities within the network. The number of followers even contributes to the visibility of the profile.

The tool allows you to transform well-performing posts into ads directly within the app. It is enough to choose an already published post and add a button encouraging the audience to interact. You can select a target audience or let Instagram do it for you. Afterward, the publication will be promoted for the time you have previously defined.

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