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Depending on how we want to focus the insurance premium, we can classify them according to two main criteria: -according to the payment of the compensation or its nature.

Insurance Premium

Definition of Insurance Premium?

The insurance premium is its price, the cost agreed between the parties, and that the policyholder must face to obtain the guarantees and coverage offered by the insurer that cover their risk and that of the rest of the insured.

Insurance Premium Write for Us, In the insurance world, many variables force companies to define different types of premiums depending on the situation—it is a crucial element of the insurance contract. And establishes the primary obligation of the policyholder and makes it possible for risk to be pooled.

The insurance premium is set by insurance companies and is determined by four main factors:

  • The type and frequency of the insured risk
  • The coverages included in the policy
  • The duration of the contract
  • The insured capitals

Companies usually calculate the premium based on the quotient between the probability of occurrence of the risk (that is, the number of claims divided by the total number of insured) and the average cost (cost of all claims divided by the number of shares).

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