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What Is Network Marketing?


Network marketing is a business model that has emerged in the United States. It is based on direct sales. The negotiation between the company and the end customer is carried out without intermediaries such as distributors, stores, and markets.

The idea is for the seller to create a network of distributors, which provides support, training, and advice to these partners to promote the brand and sell their products door to door. And for each sale, these partners receive a predetermined amount.

Companies that work with this strategy can expand their reach and sell more without investing large amounts of capital. Generally, companies that use this strategy reduce costs and work with lower prices and a simplified sales process since there are no intermediaries. Every marketing strategy requires good planning to make it work. And with network marketing, it would be no different.

Although it is relatively easy to launch a recruiting project or represent a brand, it is essential to consider some critical points. If you intend to act as a reseller, start reviewing products that may be very interesting to sell. This gives a good indication of what the public would like to buy.

Once you have listed a product you identify with, you must document the companies operating in this niche market and what steps you need to take to become their representative.

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