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Nintendo Switch Shortage – Claims, Confirms, and Affects

Nintendo Switch Shortage – Claims, Confirms, and Affects

Nintendo Claims Chip Shortage Affects its Switch Production

Nintendo Switch Shortage –

Although the video game industry has increased sales in this pandemic, it impacts a certain way. Well, the lack of chips or other components is the resources that are exhausted. The Nintendo Switch continues to enjoy success.

However, a shortage of parts and the limited number of resources to build them has affected the same production. The president of the company confirmed these data.

Shuntaro Furukawa, president of the company, spoke about the shortage of semiconductors affecting the video game industry and the automotive industry. Furukawa acknowledged that the situation had impacted the production of the hybrid console since it has not been possible to manufacture as many units as desired.

For now, close by is no talk of the possibility of the Nintendo Switch entering a shortage, but the alerts turned on. “We are working as tough as we can, but there is a sense of uncertainty about production plans. The profit forecast base on the assumption, and if we cannot ensure the parts or materials, the situation is changing”, says Furukawa.

Do you think the Switch would enter a period of shortage and lack of stock?

Nintendo Confirms chip Shortage is Affecting Switch Production

Although the video game industry has emerged well from the COVID-19 pandemic, this does not mean that it has not to impact, and it is in the case of chips or semiconductors. The Achilles heel is at this time. In that sense, Nintendo continues to enjoy the honey of the Switch’s success. Still, surprisingly, the console could have a better commercial performance if it weren’t for the minimal number of parts to make it, which the company president confirmed.


During a conference following the presentation of Nintendo’s recent financial report, Shuntaro Furukawa, president of the company, spoke about the semiconductor shortage situation. This problem affects the video game industry in its console sector, others like the automotive one. In this regard, Furukawa acknowledged that the crisis had impacted the production of the hybrid console since they have not been able to manufacture as many units as they would like, in addition to which doubts have raised about the maximum number of consoles that the company will be able to manufacture and put on the market this year.

Subsequently, Furukawa acknowledged that there is increasing uncertainty due to the shortage of semiconductors. That also affects Nintendo’s projections and what investors expect from the company: “We are doing everything we can, but there is a growing feeling uncertainty about production strategy. Our profit forecast base on the theory that we will be able to ensure parts and materials. If the situation change, we would like to respond by reviewing it appropriately. ”

Nintendo: Switch sales may drop due to component crisis

The semiconductor shortage has caused severe struggle in the manufacture of game consoles. We could forgive anyone for judgment that Nintendo and its Switch console weathered this particular storm well.

Nintendo Switch sales may see a drop

Gamers and people in the gaming industry are all too aware of the current semiconductor shortage. It has affected most, if not all, of the hardware manufacturers who use these components—even Nintendo.

Nintendo has had a series of record sales for well over two years now. So it’s a surprise to probably everyone that Shuntaro Furukawa told that Switch sales might see a drop in numbers.

Speaking to the Japanese website, Nintendo has enough parts to keep producing Switch consoles. For the moment, anyway.

How is Nintendo dealing with the component crisis?

So, at the moment, we don’t have to worry. Nintendo has enough semiconductor stock to continue manufacturing the Switch. However, this could affect sales of the current Nintendo Switch and the upcoming Switch Pro, as we are familiar with it.

Should we be worried about the shortage of switch components?

Currently, Nintendo isn’t worried about the chip shortage, so neither should we. At least, not as far as the Switch. If you are looking for a PS5 or an Xbox Series X / S, you will have to be patient.

Nintendo shouldn’t rest on its laurels, however. The Switch is currently four years old, and some belief the console to have reached its height. With a new Switch on the technique, Nintendo could find itself in the same boiling water, supply chain level, that Sony and Microsoft have with their consoles.

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