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Beginner’s Guide to AdWords campaign Management

Beginner’s Guide to AdWords campaign Management

Whether you run a small company or a large one, one fact is clear; the competitive environment has grown harsher for most businesses. The digital economy opened up the internet as a new battleground for companies to advertise and get more clients. As more companies embraced the internet, the messaging became almost similar and digital marketing and advertising tools emerged to sort out the mess. This is how AdWords management services came in. AdWords use highly searched words as priority words in marketing, linking them with service, products and companies to enable better search rankings.

Hiring a AdWords Consultant for Your AdWords Campaign Management

The first step to your AdWords campaign management is figuring out who will take lead on it. You might have an internal AdWords expert, but since you will be running a major campaign, you will definitely need all hands on deck. Therefore, a good idea is to hire an AdWords consultant if you don’t feel like hiring an AdWords management company. The benefit of having a google AdWords consultant working with your team is that there will be positive skill transfer to your entire marketing department. Once the campaign is over, your in-house team will be able to run smaller campaigns on their own.

However, before hiring a professional for an AdWords consulting service, it’s important to conduct some due diligence on the once you find. Check for positive reviews and testimonials, ensuring to check whether they reached their KPIs and whether the set goals set were reached. This can be a tall order for a small AdWords management company with limited resources, but quite achievable for one with numerous AdWords consultants and especially those well adept in google AdWords consultation.

Things to Consider On Your First Meeting

The first meeting with your AdWords consultant or AdWords management company should be to set your KPIs. These are deliverables that should match the projection of your AdWords campaign. The goal of any AdWords campaign management is to ensure you are making sales or to increase your brand identity. You should start by highlighting to your AdWords consultant how far your in-house team has reached with brand engagement and set a higher goal for the consultant.

How to Manage Professional Accounts

To manage your AdWords campaign, you need to set up a new advertising account. This account will order payments to google AdWords management service for the pay-per-click payments. The accounts will also handle payments for the AdWords consultants and any other external payments to service providers, influencers and third-party brand managers. Over the course of the AdWords campaign, you will create adverts, materials and other campaign resources that will be under the control of the AdWords consultant. However, ownership of these resources still remains in the hands of the company for use and control once the consultation ends.


AdWords consulting services are very popular and to make the most of your google AdWords consultation, ensure you contract the best and most reliable professionals to handle the entire campaign. Otherwise, you risk spending enormous finances without realizing positive sales or brand engagement.

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