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Galaxy Watch Bands – Fit Power, Watch Straps, and Baran

Galaxy Watch Bands – Fit Power, Watch Straps, and Baran

Galaxy Watch and Samsung Gear Sport: compatible straps of different materials, designs, and budgets

Galaxy Watch Bands –

Samsung is one of the most prolific brands when it comes to launching wear cables. It has the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Gear S3, and the Watch Active on the market. However, outside its official website, you can still find more veteran models such as the Samsung Gear Sport, a smart watch with more sports vocation. Suppose you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch – available in 42 and 46 mm dials – or the Samsung Gear Sport, and you want to change the look and personalize it in this buying guide. In that case, you will find compatible straps of different materials, designs, and budgets.

42mm Samsung Gear Sport and Samsung Galaxy Watch Straps

Galaxy Watch Bands –

The Samsung Gear Sport and the 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch are compatible with 20mm wide straps.

Fit Power

An affordable yet robust silicone strap with a simple, textured design. It is available in various colours, some soberer and others bright like this one.


The previous one in terms of materials and designs is this strap, sporty in appearance and available in seven colorus. Its length allows it to be adjusted to wrists with a height from 135mm to 205mm.

Motor City

Galaxy Watch Bands –

This Noto City strap finished with soft and smooth hypoallergenic silicone, is available in nine colours and adjusted to wrists from 140mm to 195mm.

Metro Tech

This model is also complete with silicone, but it has holes to improve breathability, giving it a somewhat aggressive sporty appearance. With an original button closure system, it is suitable for wrists from 170 mm to 215 mm.

CAVN Pack of 3

If what we want is a variety of options, there is also the possibility of buying strap packs. In this case, it is three smooth and soft silicone straps. You can choose which three colours (although they come in a box) and sizes S or L.


Another less sporty option is to opt for a stainless steel strap with links. It is quick-closing, and its length is adjustable, reaching up to 220 mili meters in length.


With a very similar design to the previous one with stainless steel links, Sim peak combines very well with the rose gold colour of the Galaxy Watch, although it is also available in black. With fast and secure closure.


Another material that gives smart watches a less sporty and more casual look is leather. This strap is available in various colours and sizes, offering a sober and straightforward design with stitching on natural leather.


Another alternative in the form of a material that stands out for its breathability and versatility is cotton. This Barton model is available in various colours and widths, so if we take the 20-millimeter, it works for the 42-mm Watch or the Gear Sport, but if we opt for the 22-millimeter, it will work for the Galaxy Watch with a dial. 46 mili meters.

46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch Compatible Straps

In the Samsung Galaxy Watch container with the most oversized dial (46 mm), the good straps are 22 millimeters wide.


Textured soft silicone and metal closure available in a wide variety of colors. Excellent value for money for this strap from MoKo.


A design is very similar to the previous one, suitable for wrists up to 215 millimeters in length. They are available in seven different colors.


Stainless steel strap with a very fine and elegant braiding, available in five colors and with a length of up to 270 millimeters. The closure is of the magnet type.


This FINITE strap is complete of nylon, which stands out for its resistance and triple buckle closure. Available in 11 different designs, some plain and others bold and patterned.


The Circle strap, complete with natural leather and a metal clasp that gives the watch a sporty but more casual look. Its length is 220 millimeters.


Galaxy Watch Bands –

Another alternative is leather with an elegant design. It is presented in different sizes and colors and is valid for wrists up to 240 millimeters.

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