What is the best portable printer on the market?

The Portable Printer is one of the best machines you can incorporate into your office.

Technological advancement has made it possible for heavy printers before giving way to smaller models that you can take with you anywhere with little effort. And also with the possibility of printing via WiFi, Bluetooth, with nothing to envy to other models, even printing two-sided. Printing from anywhere is easy and convenient with powerful mobile printers that let you work from virtually anywhere. Although they are slower than other models, such as traditional office printers, they are beneficial and functional. If you work from home or remotely, these types of printers are for you.

BEST Portable Printer the best of the best!


The Canon PIXMA iP110 Akku portable printer model is one of the best valued by users, not only for its perfect size (it has dimensions of 45 x 35 x 52 cm and a weight of 2 kg) but for the excellent performance it offers. One of the outstanding qualities of this portable printer is that it can print up to 9 documents per minute in black and white and six pages per minute in colour.

In addition, with this practical printer, you can even print photos with excellent quality, as it offers bright and very sharp colours. Another point in favour is the WiFi connectivity, which will allow you to print your documents directly from your email, only using an internet connection.

This printer has a removable battery, thanks to which you will avoid the use of cables.

That is an exciting advantage that makes this model one of the easiest to transport. It should note the extraordinary quality with which it is capable of offering images and texts. With the highest colour resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi, you can appreciate every detail as if it were a laser printer. Practical and with exceptional quality, it is the perfect portable printer to always carry with you.


The Epson Workforce WF-100W portable printer is an excellent device with great functions for your daily work. This portable printer weighs just 1.6kg and measures 12 “x 1.5” x 6.1cm, making it wonderful to take with you everywhere.

Thanks to the LCD screen, you can easily configure all the printing functions, which is a plus point compared to other models. Incredibly compact and easy to carry, it will allow you a lot of autonomy when using it since it has a rechargeable battery with a USB connection so that you can operate it from your computer.

It only requires 3 hours to be fully charged and offers autonomy capable of printing up to 100 pages in black and 50 pages in colour. Another advantage of this portable printer is that it allows you to send documents from a tablet or mobile phone, thanks to WiFi and WiFi Direct connectivity. The printing speed is 14 pages per minute black and four pages per minute and white. It is one of the fastest portable printers in monochrome printing. It is an excellent option in terms of quality and speed that will not disappoint you.


The HP Officejet 100 mobile printer is one of the most compact and fastest on the market, reaching 18 prints per minute in black and white and four pages per minute in colour.

In the latter case, it lags far behind other models.

One of the highlights of this printer is the lithium-ion battery that allows you to print up to 500 pages with its full charge. On the other hand, it should note the dimensions of this printer to compare ease of transfer for other models. This one, in particular, has dimensions of 34.8 x 17.5 x 8.4 cm and weighs 3.96 kilos. To make it easy to send documents, this printer features Bluetooth technology so that you can forget about cables. It also allows printing in different sizes, making it a versatile printer for the day today. With a modern and lightweight design, this small printer will perform well at your work.


The Kodak Mini portable printer is an attractively designed model that will allow you to print from anywhere thanks to its compact MINI size comfortably.

You can print all kinds of documents or images, but especially photographs.

You can easily print images or documents in dimensions 2.1 “X 3.4”  without the need for cables or buttons with NFC for Android and the Kodak application through your smartphone or mobile device. If your device has Bluetooth, you can print high-quality photos in both colour and black and white.

Plus, they’ll dry instantly and shine guaranteed for ten years. Printer cartridges combine paper and ink to make printing easy, with refills of 20, 30 or 50 pieces. In addition to this, through the app, you can apply filters, templates, stickers and more, to personalize your documents.


The I Portable Thermal pr enter Phomemo Photos is a portable mini printer that connects to your Bluetooth application traps.

Its main feature is that it does not need ink cartridges for thermal printing technology. It is a virtual printer to print photos, labels, black and white photos, especially templates, texts, etc.

You can easily use your phone to create notes for your studies, diary, travel diaries, albums and more. On the other hand, this printer stands out for being one of the lightest on the market, with a weight of just 200 grams that will allow you to carry it comfortably anywhere since it hardly takes up space.

The dimensions of this model are  8.38 x 8.38 x 4.32 cm, incredibly small and powerful for its size. It is not the top on the market, but it is excellent for occasional use, thanks to its significant dimensions. You can use it with  Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0 or later, without ink and Bluetooth for connection. It works with rolls of paper of various sizes that you can cut to the extent you need.