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Record Player with Speakers – List of Turntables

Record Player with Speakers – List of Turntables

Record Player with Speakers – The first question that arises when I see turntables with speakers is, what is their actual use? Is it worth looking for turntables with integrated speakers? Are they more expensive than those without them?

We are going to try to answer all these questions to clarify a bit of all these doubts. It is a debate in which everyone has their own opinion. I am going to try to analyze all the points from an impartial point of view, regardless of personal taste

List of Turntables with Integrated Speaker System

  • Camry CR-1113 Wooden Turntable

Retro-style wood finish . 2 built-in speakers. 33, 45, and 78 rpm speed selector. The LCD screen on the front. AM / FM radio and frequency memory. Alarm clock.

  • Soundmaster PL186H Vinyl Player

Excellent record player with touches of wood. Variable speed turntable 78/45 / 33.3 RPM. Integrated speakers, radio bands (AM / FM / FM-ST) with a headphone output, and dust cover.

  • Auna TT Classic WD – USB turntable with hidden speakers

Original this Auna TT Classic WD turntable. A turntable with a wood style has a very authentic way of integrating the speakers: on the front legs. Digitize your types of vinyl through its USB input on the back. The Auna brand has tried to mix the classic and the modern, the analog with the digital. Find out.

  • Suntech PXR6SBTBK turntable – (Bluetooth, USB, MP3)

The portable turntable plays at 33, 45, and 78 revolutions. Bluetooth, radio tuner, and speakers built into its 0.8w RMS design. Volume wheel and RCA output. USB inputs, sd card, and MMC to digitize your types of vinyl.

  • Auna NR-620 Chain with the record player, CDS, cassettes, and radio

Multifunction stereo chain with turntable and cassette, CD and radio player. Allows direct MP3 playback from USB and SD. Possibility of connecting an amplifier via line output. Integrated stereo speakers.

  • Lauson turntable model – CL145

Digital conversion of vinyl records to mp3. Turntable with double speed selection, the possibility of 45 or 33 rpm, and integrated speakers. Possibility of connecting an amplifier via RCA output. Auxiliary connection for iPod, Mp3, and other types of players.

Turntable with Built-in Speakers

Record Player with Speakers –

The first thing we have to do is explain what exactly turntables are with built-in speakers. We are not referring to anything other than turntables that include one or two small speakers in the turntable chassis itself. They usually are very well integrated into the design, and there is no doubt that they fulfill their function aesthetically. In the photo below, you can see perfectly how they integrate into a suitcase turntable.

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Most tend to have a small 1W or 1.5W power amplifier built-in.

In any case, and before going into other matters a little higher, we leave you our selection of the best turntables with integrated speakers. We always based on the ones we find on Amazon.

Are the Speakers on these Turntables Beneficial?

Record Player with Speakers –

Personally, this kind of functionality reminds me of computer monitors that have speakers. I explain. When you are browsing or watching a video on Facebook, it makes you bitter to turn on all the equipment, and it is excellent for you that they have integrated speakers.

However, if you want to listen to real music, these speakers fall very short. Without being too “pure,” it is clear that I cannot defend turntables with speakers to listen to real music. They indeed fulfill that role of urgency, of location. And that gets you out of more than one hurry. Aesthetically, that is very, very beautiful. Most of the turntables of this style are portable, which will make you take them anywhere, such as a country house, beach vacation, etc. And that is where you probably thank having bought them with the built-in speakers. In addition, functionalities such as USB or a Bluetooth turntable will give a little more sense to this addition.

Another issue is that some of them have a built-in radio tuner, and there the speakers do become much more important in the situations we have discussed in the previous paragraph. As a record player to listen to vinyl “carefully,” I do not see them.

Are they more expensive than a typical Turntable?

Record Player with Speakers –

In principle, it does not have to. Those are generally speakers of reasonably acceptable quality, so it is not usually determining the price to increase.

In addition, this type of turntable usually has the decorative and fetish component (as opposed to the sound quality) quite marked, so they are not generally too expensive.

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