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Wireless Speakers – Echo Dot, Ultimate Ears Mega blast, and More

Wireless Speakers – Echo Dot, Ultimate Ears Mega blast, and More

Wireless speakers with WiFi: the bright sound

Wireless Speakers –

The speakers that we can find today in stores have different shapes and different sizes.

That hasn’t changed in many years. In the 1980s, they looked different, but they sold in various sizes. The main differences that these units have experienced are connecting to the primary sound source.

In the following list, we want to focus on wireless speakers with WiFi, the whole way to forget about cables. Speakers, from their birth, have always needed a cable to connect to the audio source.

Without that connection, it is impossible to hear the sound. In recent years, these annoying cables have given way to other forms of relationships left behind these facilities, sometimes pharaonic.

The Bluetooth connection is the queen when it comes to sending sound to the speakers.

Still, there are also other types of relationships, such as WiFi, where in addition to sound, data is also exchanged that turn the speakers into something else.

Smart speakers

Connecting any device to a WiFi network allows you to access a completely different world.

The speakers have decided to use it to give it artificial intelligence and turn them into a virtual assistant.

They serve to emit sound and become receivers, waiting to receive orders through the wireless data network to consult data or resolve doubts.

The WiFi connection uses these wireless speakers to understand our commands and search for an appropriate response on the network.

None of them have the ability on their own to function that way. Without the internet, there are no intelligent devices. It’s pretty obvious.

The manufacturer and the options available further measure the intelligence of these wireless WiFi speakers.

It is not the same to have Alexa or Siri have a small assistant designed by a company smaller than Amazon or Apple.

WiFi network: not just for virtual assistants

Not all wireless speakers use the wireless network to become an assistant. Others rely on it for configuration issues.

We will see in the following list how some proposals use the WiFi network to dialogue with speakers of the same line and create group speakers in a network.

With this, they could occupy all the homerooms and hear the same thing in all the rooms. Next, we are going to leave you with the list of wireless speakers with WiFi.

Echo Dot (3rd generation)

Amazon’s smart speakers are gaining a surprising market share. The essentially trendy of them all is the Echo Dot, already by the third generation.

It has a fabric finish that adjusts to any space. You can control music from services like Amazon Music, Spotify, or TuneIn.

Alexa is always ready to help us. We may ask you to narrate stories, sports scores, alarm settings, etc. You can also control various home elements, such as heating or lights, always through voice commands.

Ultimate Ears Megablast

Almost taken from a dance compilation from the 90s, this mighty name is a fantastic speaker with a WiFi connection.

It has Alexa compatibility so that we can ask the Amazon assistant the same as its official speakers.

It is ideal for wearing thanks to its IP67 protection, making it resistant to water and dust.

Sonos one

Sonos is another one of the manufacturers that has put all the limbs into intelligent speakers. It even has agreements with famous furniture chains to create products for them.

The Sonos One is an intelligent speaker compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and, although not with Siri, yes, with Apple’s AirPlay.

It has two digital amplifiers, a tweeter and a midrange speaker.

Libratone Zipp

We are facing one of the speakers that WiFi uses for no other functions. It does not become a smart speaker.

Use the wireless network to create a Multiroom, a network of speakers placed anywhere in the home. Up to 6 speakers connect via the WiFi network.

Echo studio

Amazon’s top-of-the-range proposal. The Echo Studio is a neat speaker that emits immersive sound thanks to the five mounted speakers.

The sound fills the room and emitters the music as the artist has created it and wants it to listen. Needless to say that like his siblings, he has a real connection with Alexa and her artificial assistance.

Yamaha MusicCast WX-010

The complete Yamaha speaker also does not use the WiFi network to become an intelligent speaker. Instead, create a system called MusicCast, in which all devices on the web (computers, mobiles) can send their audios to the speaker. As for the sound itself, the MusicCast WX-010 features a two-way two-speaker system with a 2.5-centimeter tweeter and a 9-inch woofer.

Roth & Myers Bosk Speaker

The Roth & Myers Bosk Speakers are wireless speakers with a luxurious look. They have a unique design with 100% natural wood, reminiscent of the classic speakers of a lifetime. In your case, use the WiFi to receive music from services such as Spotify, Tidal, or TuneIn and to connect several of the same devices. It has no associated virtual assistant.

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