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Five Novelties of Webex

Five Novelties of Webex

The Five Novelties of Webex That Will Improve Your Meetings

Five Novelties of Webex –

If you’ve used Webex recently, at first glance, you will have noticed that we have made significant changes. These changes go beyond a facelift to the interface and help us day-to-day, especially with all the changes we are experiencing in terms of our work model.

From audio enhancements to the inclusion of training features, let’s review the top five new features.

New interface

Before entering the meeting, we find a simplified view of what our camera will show, having access to virtual backgrounds and audio options:

Once connected, the first thing we will have noticed is that now the grid view is the one that comes by default, appearing our video next to that of the other participants (and being able to minimize it whenever we need it). On the other hand, we can highlight a simplification of the control buttons, distinguishing between those related to the meeting and the interaction with the participants.

To obtain a clearer view, we have the possibility of hiding the control bar, the image of those participants who do not have the video activated, or even their names. It accompanies by the new dark theme for those who want a more excellent contrast.

Greater mute control

We know: you’ve been to a meeting where you were the host, and you didn’t want anyone to interrupt you without your permission. That is why the forced silence functionality, better known as hard mute, is an option that may interest you. Thus, we ensure that only the participants can unmute themselves when the hosts want it.

We also add a notification that tells us if we are talking, and we have the microphone muted (raise your hand who has never suffered this situation).

But don’t worry, although the participant’s silent, they can always raise their hands to ask to speak or use the new reactions to express themselves.

Breakout sessions: work in groups within Webex

Especially useful during training sessions, breakout sessions allow us to create different sessions within our meetings. We can assign various participants to each session once Webex has started or scheduled the meeting with a pre-assignment so that everything is ready when we enter.

The host decides who will be part of each breakout session and its duration and can even jump from session to session whenever he wants.

The participants of each session will see and hear the other participants of that session. And also, ask the host for help if they need it.

Co-host: an assistant in your meetings

Surely you have heard of Webex Assistant for video equipment and Webex meetings. But it is not that assistant I want to refer to now: I am talking about the co-host or co-host.

It is a role that we can assign to as many participants as we want. That allows us to have someone in our meetings with similar privileges to the host. Thus, a co-host can also mute other participants or even manage breakout sessions.

The importance of the sound environment

How to Silence Background Noise in Meetings

We are at home working, and our neighbours are on construction. Before we have had to connect from the street to a Webex in the middle of a significant bustle. Although Webex already had noise cancellation, we wanted to filter out any background noise further.

Listening to Music Through Webex

Let’s put the opposite situation: you want to teach music online, use your DJ table or play music on another computer and have it heard clearly from the other side. With the default noise suppression, this would not be possible. But Webex has thought about these scenarios and launched Music Mode. This functionality allows us to stop filtering the background noise to listen to the music with the clarity it deserves. While active, we will see an eighth note icon in the upper right corner of our meeting window.

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