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Honor Band 5 – Design, Experience,Notifications, and More

Honor Band 5 – Design, Experience,Notifications, and More

Honor Band 5 – The quantifying bracelets are an excellent complement to play sports or keep track of mobile notifications without having to remove them from your pocket all the time. But not everyone is willing to spend a lot of money on them. Among the many options that the market offers today, one of the most outstanding is the Honor smart bracelet. We have been testing it for more than a month, and here is our review of the Honor Band 5.

A few weeks before I started testing the Honor Band 5, I was also able to test the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 thoroughly. It will not surprise anyone to comment that the two bracelets are pretty similar, both in design, functions, and price. Our experience with the Honor Band 5 stands out the most, its weak points, and what has seemed to us as a brilliant band. Attentive, because for less than thirty euros we have a beneficial and very comfortable bracelet.

A Design so light that it is appreciated

The Honor Band 5 follows the design lines of other brilliant bands. The total weight is 23 grams, and its silicone strap is soft and flexible. We are not facing the most premium and solid bracelet, but instead, we bet on a very light body that feels good once we put it on.

The screen is fully integrated into the body of the bracelet and is not removable, which helps to increase that feeling of durability. Our unit is the black one and has been kept relatively clean. For those interested, it is also available in blue and pink.

Just below the screen, we find a touch button, perfectly integrated. The AMOLED panel of the Honor Band 5 measures 0.95 “and is in full color, but the most exciting thing is that with a black background, the image is well fused with the body of the bracelet.

The strap has a rough finish, and we have seventeen holes on one side, plus another eight. It is pretty adaptable, from the smallest to the biggest wrists. Although, the comment that the closing mechanism does not offer as much feeling of reliability and resistance as the main body. During this month, we have not broken, and it continues as the first day, but that feeling every time we take it off and put it on is there.

It is not the most solid or premium smart bracelet, but it is very light and adaptable. Something that, over the weeks, we have been grateful for.

The Honor Band 5 remains water-resistant up to 50 meters, and to comment that, we have used it numerous times under the water of the pool and the shower without problems. This Honor Band is not very attractive; it does not have a distinctive design, and the feeling when putting it on is very “plastic,” but it is pretty compelling. It is comfortable to wear, light, and sometimes you do not remember that it is there, which is sometimes appreciate.

Use Experience: Full-Color Notifications

The Honor Band 5’s AMOLED display is surprisingly good for the price range we’re talking about. The brightness is high, the contrast is excellent, the color is striking, and it is nice to use. Even outdoors, with the intelligence at the fourth level, it is enough to read the notifications that come to us. Additionally, it has a night mode to dim the brightness automatically. However, it does not allow the time band to be specified.

The tactile response is perhaps the point that we would have liked to be something better. A touch panel responds well, but sometimes it does not detect our gesture well or press where it should not. Today, little more can ask of a bracelet like this, but we have seen a difference compared to other more expensive bracelets.

The AMOLED panel of the Honor Band 5 is colorful, offers good size, and has excellent visibility outdoors. We just would have liked to find a better tactile response.

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We have colorful and well-designed menus at the interface level, with good-sized, full-color icons, so we don’t get lost. We have the ‘watch face that we choose from the main screen and sliding from top to bottom. And also, we will access the steps, heart rate, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep, training modes, the last messages, settings, and a panel additional for music playback, available since a recent update.

From Huawei’s health application, we can change the watch faces. The initial offer was relatively high, but over the weeks, they have been incorporating new areas. These spheres can also change from the bracelet itself, although only those we already have installed.

The Honor Band allows you to receive notifications from the applications we want, including WhatsApp, where we can read the message. The limitation is 45 characters and sometimes falls short, but for the most part, it will work fine.

Huawei’s health app is available for free on both Google Play and the App Store and works with Android 4.4 or higher or iOS 9.0 devices. There are a large number of options that we will find in the health application or from the bracelet settings section itself. From turning the wrist to activate the screen, search for the phone, call notification, timer, mobile camera activator, stopwatch, or set alarms.

It is surprising to find so many tools in a device in this price range. And we are also having received numerous updates throughout these weeks. Small additions that we may not use every day but make this low-cost accessory an exciting accessory.

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