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iPhone X – Launches New Color, Sales, Presentation and More

iPhone X – Launches New Color, Sales, Presentation and More

Apple is reportedly about to unveil a new color for its iPhone X, according to severe rumors. Called blush gold, this new color would aim to revitalize sales, at half-mast, of the latest iPhone to date.

A new version of the iPhone X  expects in the further weeks. According to the Japanese site Macotakara, a new color will soon go into production, a rumor relaunched by blogger Benjamin Gaskin.

Now, one can buy the iPhone X in three colors: space gray, gold, and silver. Thus, this new color called “Blush Gold” is currently in production. That is a choice in line with the rest of the brand.


This blush gold iPhone X would aim to “revive sales,” relatively low for the moment, the smartphone. Indeed, the iPhone X marks a turning point for the brand with a new design and new features. But its price, which exceeds 1000 €, puts off potential buyers, which explains the drop in Apple sales since January.

The iPhone X is already on sale on sites like PriceMinister, for € 926 instead of € 1159. Apple’s sales forecast for 2018 looks tough. iPhone sales are estimated at 220 million units this year, up from 240 million in 2017.


The disclosure of the color could end at a conference scheduled for March 27, north of Chicago. This conference aims to hear more accessible and affordable models dedicated in particular to education. In addition, this conference could unveil other products such as the AirPower charger or a new MacBookAir.

A new iPad is also the subject of serious rumors, for sale at the end of the year. Currently, the cheapest iPad sells for $ 409. Therefore, Apple is planning an even more affordable tablet model.  The goal? Present products that are easier to use but with a more efficient style. The intelligent keyboard becomes the watchword for Apple.

However, we must take this information with a grain of salt and wait for tomorrow’s conference to confirm the statements.

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Colors, Prices, Presentation: the Next iPhone X is becoming Clearer

Apple will present its new iPhones in September. The range begins to take shape.

The following range of iPhone is gradually becoming more apparent. While Apple should present its new smartphones, successors to the iPhone X, at the beginning of September, the always well-informed analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, delivers further details. The next iPhone X should sport new colors. In addition to black and white, already offered this year, a gold version of the iPhone X Plus offer. The iPhone X, equipped with an LCD screen, would show gray, blue, red, and orange.

More flashy colors.

  In total, according to the Apple specialist, the “iPhone X 2018” will offer five different colors. A strategy is reminiscent of what Apple had done with the iPhone 5c, the only model so far to have shown colors as bright as blue or yellow. The red models, traditionally from the Product (RED) editions, part of the proceeds donated to the fight against the AIDS virus, are generally marketed in the spring. At least that’s what Apple did for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 this year.

Three iPhones starting at $ 700. 

The prices of the unlike editions of the iPhone X are also becoming more transparent. The first model, the one with a 6.1-inch LCD screen and offered in several colors, will be the most affordable and sell for around $ 700, the same price as the iPhone 8 this year. It would not offer a dual photo sensor for this price and could also ignore the 3DTouch system. With a 6.5-inch screen (against 5.8 inches on the current iPhone X), the largest model would display the same price as this year’s model, just over $ 1,000. The last model, the same size as the current iPhone X and equipped with an Oled panel, would be a little more affordable.

She releases in September. 

The date has not yet been communicated and will only be

officially a few days before. Still, following Apple’s usual schedule, these three new iPhones will logically present during the first half of September. Contrary to what finished in 2017 with a release delayed to early November, all models should market before the end of the third quarter, i.e., before September, specifies Ming Chi-Kuo.

iOS 12 with augmented reality, ‘Screen Time’ and Memojis. 

On the software side, the iPhone X 2018 will ship the next major update to iOS, iOS 12, presented in early June and currently available in beta for developers and users who want it. A new, more powerful version of the ARKit virtual reality system and the integration of a function to track time spent on your iPhone are on the program. Animated emojis with a human appearance, the emojis, will also be offered.

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